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Jabra Eargels

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Maybe this is a dumb idea, i have no idea, but here goes:

Has anyone ever tried the Jabra eargels (used for Nokia hands-free phone use) to get the right fit for their earbuds? This thought just popped in my head because I have heard so much talk lately about headwizers and head-fiers not being able to get the right fit with their earbuds. [I'm one of them in fact, my mx400s dont fit right either]

Anyone tried this? Anyone know if it seems like a good idea?
They're $10 at Amazon, and come in tons of colours.
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The problem is that they would significantly affect the sound -- they are made specifically for Jabra telephone/wireless phone units, so they only have a tiny hole that cuts off bass and treble so that voices come through clearer.


OK, I tried it on a set of Sennheiser MX-500s (we have some Jabra headsets here ). As I suspected, great midrange, some bass, NO treble.
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