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>I like a large resoloution

There are a lot of LCDs that do the higher resolutions you mentioned -- especially in the 17" and larger range. However, since most people don't use those resolutions (1024x768 is the "standard" for 17"CTR/15"LCD) and since downsizing resolution results in some degree of fuziness, they don't usually provide ultra-high rez on 15" and less LCDs.

You could always get the king of LCD displays:

1600x1024, 22"

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while on the topic of monitors, does anyone know where I might pick up a good CRT 19" monitor for cheap, with all these LCDs comin out and all...
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I dunno, I played Deus Ex recently on a friend's Apple Cinema Display (the bastard has 2 of them) and well, it is BLURRY. Really annoying to play, same with other games like Quake 3.

At least, big LCDs make all that blur... no actually my dad's laptop LCD (active matrix) does the blur too. You may have to compare but they do blur, it is quite obvious to me. LCDs only refreshes pixels at 60hz I think.

1280x1024 on my Sony 17" monitor myself (3.5 year old monitor)
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I have my LCD set to refresh at 75hz. I see no blurrines anywhere ever while doing anything, paying games, watching movies, or working in 3D MAX.
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ai0tron, is 75Hz the highest refresh rate for that monitor or is it higher?
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ai0tron, is 75Hz the highest refresh rate for that monitor or is it higher?
Remember that refresh rates for LCD monitors are completely different than refresh rates for CRT displays. Whereas a CRT refreshes the entire screen over and over again, LCD displays only change the pixels that need to be changed, so the display is much more stable and less fatiguing, even at much lower refresh rates.
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It's the highest refresh rate at that resolution. I am not at my computer now so I can't check. But I am pretty sure that is the highest refresh rate period. Personally, I don't think the blurriness has a whole lot to do with the refresh rate... I think it has more to do with what type of matrix the screen uses. When I get home Ill set the refresh way down and see what happens.
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You should look at the response time of an LCD if you want to know wether it is blurry with fast movements or not.
Some have response times of 50 msec (20 frames per second), some 25 msec (40 fps). That makes the difference, not the 60 Hz or 75 Hz setting of the graphic card.
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LCD panels have a dot persistency much higher than CRT screens, as outlined above. What this means for you:

No flicker. CRT's flicker when the dots decay in brightness too much before they can be refreshed. LCD pixels are too slow to decay.

Even an LCD with a 20ms response time only needs to be refreshed 50 times per second to be rock-stable, whereas a CRT needs 85-120, depending on who you ask.

I'm BIG on the refresh rates, which is why I love my 17" samsung too.

BTW, Ai0tron, did you get the 570 or the 170mp?
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