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new iRiver cd/mp3 player

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Anybody seen any previews/preliminary reviews on the new iRiver Mp3/cd player that's due out in May? I happened to see it on their web page when I was doing some comparison between the Sony DCJ01 and the SlimX. I forget what the name of this new one is, but it's right on the front of their homepage
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BWHAHHAAHAH....I think its a Dataplay player...they soon to be dead format ... I hope

SlimX is a better buy IMHO than that garbage...
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The iriver slimx is a nice cd/mp3 player. I have had it for over a month and have only one qualm...it lists my mp3's in artist alphabetical order and songs the same way. I burn on MusicMatch Jukebox. Other than that, what a deal! Perhaps my ears are toast, for I can hear none of the hiss the others describe. Maybe I thought it was just the hiss I was hearing from low quality cds.
The iriver slimx has exceded my expectations. Read the review on the Rio Volt and decide for your self. I do not listen to my Sony any more because the iriver has eq options that fit my listening. Sony is cool, but they are a big company. iriver seems to be dedicated to personal sound. Just look at their new release of the the imp 150, and the price reduction of the imp 350. I read the reviews of the Sony and wonder if they are firmware upgradable. If you like mp3s in a cd format, buy the imp-350. You won't be dissapointed.
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sorry, I miss read the post. The iriver imp 150 is on sale now at some places for about 99.95. It features the same things as the imp 350 except for the display on the remote and rechargable batteries. It looks like a regular cd player and the remote looks like the one supplied with the riovolt sp250. iriver makes the rio for diamond so i guess that's reasonable.
About the hiss on the imp 350...yes,when I turn up the volume on my imp 350 I can hear it...but I hardly turn up the volume that high. Do most of you do? Man, that's loud! Whatever, the hiss is present and I recant what I said in my last post. I am listening to it now on a setting of 20/40 and cannot detect it; again perhaps it is my ears. But sorry, that is the setting that usually puts me to sleep!
To recap, both iriver models are now available. The imp 350 at a reduced price and the imp 150 for around $99. The friends I have who saw my imp 350 but were reluctant to buiy because of the price are now looking at the imp 150.
Looks like a nice player without the headaches of the rio sp250. I know this sounds contradictive cause I said iriver made the rio, but if you look at both players, you'll see they are of different design. I have no problem with my imp 350 as stated in my previous post.
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Yeah, the 150 'chrome' has just come out, and its basically a re-release of an older iRiver player. Its still a good player, but lacks some of the fancier features of the slimX, namely, size, and the cool remote. But its still firmware upgradeable, and plays all types of discs, mp3s, and wmas. If you are on a budget, its probably a good buy, but if you can afford the SlimX, its obviously the superiour player.

As far as the dataplay player... I'm not sure when its coming out exactly, but it sounds like it could be interesting.. It could be the size of the super tiny 'smart media' players, yet would hold 500mb instead of 64mb. And you could easily switch discs. A little pouch with a few discs in it could easily hold a few gigs of music. A CD holds about 200mb more data, but is obviously much larger.

As far as the format 'dying'.. i'm not sure about that. it may not take off as a commercial distribution format, but it could become popular as a sort of 'mini-minidisc'. Something that is used as a data storage method for small players, pdas, digital cameras, etc.

If the dataplay player was available at the time I had bought my SlimX, i would have given it serious thought, but I'm very happy with my SlimX, and so I won't be bothering to upgrade when the dataplay player comes out. If size is very important too you, it might be worth it to wait for more info on it, but if size isn't your biggest concern, the SlimX is a great player, and is in no danger of being made obsolete by any dataplay players.

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I don't know about DataPlay. I mean for starters, it is only WORM, like CD-R. The sound quaility, I don't think, will be very good either, not to mention the price of the media, up tp $16 for a write once disc! If they release a RW disc, then I might sit up and take a little bit of notice.

Still, I believe that the format will attract interest from those wishing for a small back-up medium for notebooks, but the format also faces strong competition against DVD-R/RW, esp the smaller, new 1.5GB 8 inch discs.
How small is too smal?
Just my 2 cents.
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millerdog wrote:
it lists my mp3's in artist alphabetical order and songs the same way. I burn on MusicMatch Jukebox.

I think all these mp3 CD players play the files in alphabetical order unless you can get it to work a playlist. If artist happens to be the first letter in the file name it will play by artist, if the song title is first it will play the songs alphabetically, which is how mine has worked out.I have the Rio SP250 and I just got the Slimx today. I never could get the Rio to run a playlist. I see in the Slimx manual is a more detailed explanation of making a playlist. I will give it a try.
I use Musicmatch for all my MP3's also. I see that I have to use WINAMP for the playlist though. One way I got the Rio to play in order of preference was to rename all the files before burning them. I numbered them beginning with 01 then 02 etc. It was a pain, but it worked.
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I forgot to mention that on slimx, you can actually create your own little file within the larger playlist on the disc. On your remote you can access a Program file and then select songs from the disc playlist...up to 99 songs I think. That's another way to get the songs to play in the order you want.
I feel I'm just nitpicking.. with over 130 songs on one disc I just use shuffle and let it go.
My two Sony Discmans have sat on a shelf since I got the slimx. Have fun with your new player.
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You don't HAVE to use winamp to make playlists. Anything that will save a .m3u playlist (which I think musicmatch does) will work. Also, remember that the SlimX browses by folder as well, so you can catagorize by artist and album using folders, and then set it to shuffle or repeat inside one folder, or shuffle or repeat through the whole disc.

Dataplay almost seems like 'too little too late' to me.. I hadn't realized that it was write once! If it was RW, it would be worth a lot more to me. also, the cost of the discs seems a little high to me! Well, we'll see how it goes.

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Yeah, I dunno how DP is going to go.
$16US for a 500MB write-once disc
~$5US for 250MB " "

One thinks that they are smart enough to release a RW disc.
We'll see what happens.
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the slimx reads cdrw discs...I have three of them with mp3 data files that I listen to. They don't read previously written discs without the the right formatting...I think. I have tried to use former rerecorded disks formatted by stomp and microsoft(their proprietary formats) without sucess. The slimx will read rw discs.
I just don't know how to erase them and reformat them. Perhaps someone could enlighten me..I am not a puter person...I just like music!
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Hmmmmmm, if you want help, you gotta be more helpful yourself. What program are you using? I pray that you have stayed from from EZ CD creator **pukes** Unquestionably the best program is Nero Burning ROM. I think it costs about $50...
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you do not refer to which poster you reply to. If it was me, then I mentioned in a previous post that I use musicmatch jukebox.
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