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Sony ESP2 models on Ebay

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If your looking for a cheap cd player with better sound quality than the Panasonic SL-CT470 but you don't want one of the old big ones with no antiskip or anything then you should think about picking up one of Sony's older ESP2 models from a couple years ago. Here's some of them on Ebay to me they look like good deals. Don't know if the links will work.

Here's a new Sony D-E456CK for about $60, comes with a car kit and has backlit display, 40 seconds Super ESP2:

Heres a beat up D-E456CK at $1.00 so far:

Here's a never used D-E406CK at $5.50 so far:

Here's a used D-E456CK at $10.50 so far:

these are just some examples theres more of them. Just thought I'd point out to people that these sound good (I think).
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they might have good sound, but man are they ugly!!!

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Yeah they sure are ugly...

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ESP2 isn't much better than no antiskip... it takes about 10 seconds for the antiskip to "build up", and until then, it will skip with the slightest impact... Some can't even be used on the bus without constant skipping...
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mine doesn't. with ESP off you can shake it side to side pretty hard without it skipping at all. I never use ESP on the bus and it never skips. It only skips if I use it in a pocket or on my motorcycle. Plus I dropped mine a hell of a lot of times without affecting it at all.
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Actually I don't think they look that bad but I just realized every link I put up here was one that had a really bad picture. Heres another one, a D-E451 starting at $1.00:


at least this pic is a little bit better.

btw the D-E45X have 40 seconds of ESP2 and its supposed to be a big improvement over the orginal ESP2.

I like the look of my Sony better than my blue Panasonic 470. I don't really care for the blue. Oh and I really hate the new Panasonics they all look really ugly to me.
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