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Just sold my Airhead amp to pegleg. Great transaction! He sent the MO quickly and responded to all e-mails promptly. Can't ask for a better guy to do business with. Thanks, Jack.
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Pegleg picked up one of my custom mini to mini cables. He was quick to pay, easy to communicate with and most definently a pleasure to deal with. A highly recommended buyer! Thanks Jack!
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I sold my super mini moy to pegleg. I couldnt have asked for a better transaction. Very fast in response and payment, also a pleasure to deal with. Would definatly recommend buy/sell/trade with him to anyone. Thanks Jack.
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I sold pegleg my recabled SR-60's. He was a pleasure to deal with from the start. All PM's were replied to super-fast. His payment was even faster. In fact he was ready to pay before I asked him.

All in all he was a pleasure to deal with and I would have no problem dealing with him in the future. Thanks Jack!
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Just sold him my HeadAmp AE-1. Jack committed and paid quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

Thanks, Jack!!
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I sold pegleg my PXC-250s. Payment was received fast and he was very easy to work with. Great doing business with him.
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Sold pegleg a couple of mini to mini IC's. Fast payment good communication.
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Pegleg purchased my PX-100. Paid very quickly and was very courteous. Thanks and enjoy, Jack!
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I sold some Headphile ICs to Jack. He paid quickly and communication was good! I would not hesitate to recommend dealing with him!

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Great buyer!

I sold pegleg a Grado adapter cable. He was prompt in paying and friendly with communiction. Highly recommended!!!
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pegleg was the recipient of one of my Turbodocks in black. Excellent communication and patience are his strong points. Recommended buyer. An asset to Head-fi. Great pleasure to deal with you pegleg. Million thanks.

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I sold a pair of SR-125's to pegleg; a gentleman. Quick and courteous communication and prompt payment makes for a smooth and frustration-free transaction.

I hope you enjoy the cans .
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pegleg bought some CD's from me. He paid really quickly and was quite polite. I think he is a good person to do business with, despite his name, which makes you think he's a pirate.
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I sold pegleg a sumajin smartwrap. He paid promptly and communication was top-notch. Highly recommended buyer!
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Sold Jack a set of home theater speakers. Good communication and quick payment from PayPal. No issues, I recommend him.
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