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What does a "live" filter do on pdcp?

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I got a Panasonic SL-S650 today from ebay. It has some kind of bassboost (XBS), and three modes: live, xbs, off. With xbs mode, bass is boosted. Whereas in live the soundstage seems to be changed, and bass boost seems also to occur.

Is this right? What does the live function do? Narrow the stereo image and add bass boost?

(maybe this belongs in another forum, but i guess the live function might be specific to producers)

If you like bass, or live, will sound quality degrade much or al all, considering this is a portable cd player?

Thanks, Oscar
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My philosophy is, don't use any god damn EQ/DSP!
Live setting on my pana570 recesses everything but the vocals, then mushes it, sounds like total ass.
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Yum yum. Bassy sound degradation.
I always thought the eqs were just gimmick features but I say if you like it, use it...

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What does a "live" filter do on pdcp?
Nothing useful

And this coming from an EQ lover...
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I've never heard that model, but many of the portables with dsp include a dynamic range compression setting. Such a thing would be useful for listening with background noise, or recording to limited dynamic range media (like cassettes). I am suspicious that it may be hiding under that "live" button.

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I bet it is a combination bassboost/crossfeed. Does it expand the soundstage?

It is probably to help with those cruddy stock phones that come with portables, as they have almost no imaging and soundstage whatsoever, and need all the help they can get, even if it is from a cruddy DSP. With good phones I don't think its effects would be positive.
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Listening to a Panasonic CT570 EQ modes it seemed to me that there was a slight attenuation of the output and perhaps a little high end boost on the live setting. It is more noticable when the signal is from the headphone output and not amplified. Bass boost does just that.. OK if you like it. Mine also has a train setting that is simply an attenuation of the signal or so it sounds.

All in all I prefer turning the EQ off and listening through the line out. I dont know about your model but turning the antishock off also improves the sound quality.

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Usually all DSP / EQ is bypassed when you use the line out.
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Thats why I decided on the 570. I want bass boost on the lineout... or maybe I don't... guess I'll have to wait until I hear this thing, I have a feeling my liking to bass boost has to do with the terrible output of my current pcdp. After all, can this many audiophiles be wrong

Biggie. (will he or won't he bow down to the no eq peer pressure ^^)

edit: sh$t load of spelling mistakes haha
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EQ done properly can be a boon to sound quality.

Peer pressure? What peer pressure? Come join Team EQ!
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Originally posted by Joe Bloggs
EQ done properly can be a boon to sound quality.
I would agree totally if you have control over the adjustments in well graduated steps. I think the bass boost on the 570 is a bit heavy handed for my liking.

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Lol Joe I should have remembered about team eq. It may just be the team for me.


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I think you are right CaptBubba, it seems to be doing crossfeed stuff. I have to say that I really don't like it that much on. Sure it makes the music sound warm, but all the detail dissapears I like super-stereo (that might be the wrong name for it..)

I try to avoid using the antishock and it works pretty well. I walk to school with it and sure it occasionaly skips but it's at the rate of everyother song, and it's not along walk.

Why does anti-shock harm sound quality?

I can think of only two explanations, it reads ahead and therefore needs to read faster -> does a sloppy jobb. (when you just turn it on). What goes too memory isn't saved in the same quality?

[i might be totally wrong ]

Regarding bass boost, I think it really helps the crappy headphones/earphones you get with protable equipment.
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Antishock degrades the sound quality because it compresses the sound then decompresses during playback. However, the Pana570 has 10 second linear antishock which means that it has a large enough buffer thus it does not need to compress to fit data into memory = lossless antiskip.

Bass boost is intended for anemic craphones. Bassheads or those that have never heard good bass will like it even in their better than stock headphones, just as V6.
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I am not sure about your model but there is a 10 second and a 40 second antishock aswell as off on mine. There is no discernable difference between off and the 10 seconds. 40 second compresses the data resulting in the diminished quality.
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