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Sony ES White MD Blanks Question!!!

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I'm just wondering if anybody know... do the Sony ES Minidisc blanks have the same ceramic composite shell as the white colored Sony master tapes (ie. UX Master/Metal Master/Super Metal Master)?

I know the Sony MD2000 (have yet to see any on the streets) uses magnesium alloy for shell material if I remembered correctly...
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Sorry, don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that the Sony ES MD's are a waste of money (unless you insist on paying extra for the admittedly pretty shell). Any perceived benefits of this "superior" design is marketing hype, pure and simple. Yes, they are good quality discs, and, yes, they do have a nice solid feel, but sound/quality-wise, they are no better than the cheaper "regular" Sony color collection MD's.

Off topic, I know.
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I think ES is supposed to be of the construction krayzie mentioned... though it doesn't reflect much on the weight.

Nice schweet avatar krayzie! EX1HG?
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I can't find any new Sony ES blanks to buy around my area anymore so I can't check the packaging for specs (but I think it's in Japanese anywayz so I wouldn't be able to understand).

I do admit the shell is nice looking, and it's about 2 bucks more than regular Sony color collection blanks...

Yes Leon you're correct that's the WM-EX1HG, but the one pictured is not mine... I just found the photo somewhere on the net. But it is still my favorite Walkman for the last 8 years (maybe that'll change if I can get a hold of a WM-DD9)...
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I am pretty busy these days man. Anyway, how good is your WM-EX1HG? I know that this walkman is a pretty one..many be the prettiest one. How does it sound?
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A few people apparently did some tests comparing Sony ES discs, regular Sony discs, and some other discs and they decided that given perfect recording conditions (i.e., good equipment, digital recording, and good source material) the ES discs out-perform the rest.

As to the "shell," I suspect that it is plastic like other discs... it seems pretty regular to me. The packaging has no Japanese on it whatsoever, only English and French. I'll take some photos but I don't know where to post them so I can link to them here...
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I only bought 3 Sony ES a couple of years ago (I only have a grand total of 25 MDs and I've used up all the nice stuff like Prisms and Sparkles, just a few of the Color Collection that's left unopened...) and the packaging for the ES discs were in Japanese... I paid $7.99CDN + 15% tax (crazy!!!) a piece and used them for my most favorite songs... honestly they just sound the same as with my other cheaper stuff... but I guess re-recording them should be more reliable (like nice CD-RWs compare to cheap used once CD-RWs I guess)

Today I went to look for them and the only place I can find is one tiny import store selling it for 10 bucks each!!!! Really really expensive stuff (but cheap when I consider Hello Kitty glow in the dark ones are selling for $15 there!!!) So I backed off... when I have money I'll just buy one to collect!

The normal EX1 / chrome HG came out in '94 and sounds better and more balanced (but not as accurate as my older one) than anything which came out after IMHO (well except for the EX2 which shares the same platform)... I like it for the looks and the pop-up eject design, but in terms of reliability these are the worst (belt / motor / gear / eject spring problems, need constant service if overused), and hence discontinued after the EX5 came out (50th Anniversary model in '96 with Groove = ewww sick!)

But the spring pop-up design re-surfaced in MD players nowadays...

Anywayz, I suspect the ES shell is just plastic, too light to be ceramic composite (I wonder if purk's 484 is heavy? hehe)

So purk how's it going, I got exams lately so very busy too...
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you can get them at minidisco here

and only 12.95 a five pack!!!!!!
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So what's your opinion on this:


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I also bought my Sony ES blanks from Minidisco -- back then it was about $15 for a 5-pack.
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Hey Yang long time no talk so how's it going? =)

Hey the EX5 is JDM, and looks really mint... I would get it if money is not a factor... but if ya think about it, $140US is kinda expensive unless ya really really love the machine... There might be cheaper ones on eBay.de but probably not new... and he's right Blue is pretty rare (along with red and black). I have the silver one which looks boring when ya consider the fact that all Walkmans on the market today are mostly silver...

but remember not to overuse the EX5 as it will have problems very quickly but that's by design so can't help it... if you do indeed buy it and later has a problem and needs help just ask me cuz I've taken it apart and have successfully fixed it before.

Humm 12 bucks for 5 ES blanks, cheap if you need all 5, but I don't really (just want one for collecting)... hehe but thx for the link I'll know where to buy blanks next time...

Oh yeah just one more tip: download the pics and with Photoshop try to brighten it up as much as possible before distortion starts to kick in, so that ya can check for scratches or other possible body flaws...
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