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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Just got some HD414 pads, and I can't believe how much better my SR60 now sounds!

I'm still wanting try out some bowl pads though. Curiosity is getting to me.
cut a hole in the hd414 pad and reverse the pads on your sr60. that's the best hd414 mod, IMO.
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my sister loves it and steals it off my computer when I'm not home.
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Originally Posted by dvessel View Post
Be careful on the bass. If you push the bass too hard you'll experience the so called "Grattle" or rattling sooner than later (if ever). My set of sr-60's have them but it's only apparent when playing them loud.
I'm feeding my SR60s with a bass-boost cMoy from Seaber. LOTS 'o bass and I'm *loving* it. I guess maybe I don't listen loud enough but I've not heard the "grattle."

I also have reverse-modded 414 pads on 'em. My kid says I look like a bumblebee but that's OK.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Has anybody got a good way of managing their SR60 cable? The longness of it is annoying the crap out of me.
I coiled the cable up about a foot from the plug and tied it up with a couple of cable ties.
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Grado SR60 + HD414 pads + XXS + iRiver H332 = heaven.
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PA2v2 + Sr80s = godlike sound

When I switch my amp off, it's hard to believe I use to listen to them unamped.

I've tried hd414s and they seem to pull out a lot of the details in the highs (cymbals sound craZ.) They don't give the nice punchy bass that bowls give.
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Whats some good amps/dacs in your guyses (or galses) opinion for these SR60s? I'm looking for somethin portable, and although the Predator is not necessarily out of my price range it is definitely very expensive. How does the D2 sound, and other amps in this range? Does the amp make a huge diff with these 'phones? I'll be listening to them out of my Cowon D2 or the usb from my comp. thanks guys (or, once again, gals)
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SR60 straight to D2 is not bad actually. The SR60s definitely are very "portable" friendly.

I find that my D2 works quiet well with my SR60 and Meier Corda XXS. If you need DAC, go for the 2move.
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While I haven't tried it yet as "just a headphone amp" with a DAP, I'm definitely liking the E-MU 0404 USB -> SR60 combo. I've plugged it into a USB port on my Shuttle cube, and the merely good sound from the Shuttle's integrated audio has been replaced with outstanding sound. 24-bit FLACs come alive!

Of course, the 0404 is more of a "transportable" than a "portable."
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SR60 or SR80?

I have a bit of a conundrum. I can't decide whether I want the Grado SR80 with it's wider soundstage
or the SR60's (again, yes I am one of those fools who loved and ......gave away?) for it's unamped , no frills compatability.
I don't own a D2 or a Clip and have modest output. I have the Samsung P2.
I have a PA2V2 on order but don't know if I'll want to lug it around all the time. The case I have for the P2 just attaches to a belt or waistband. What to do, what to do.

PS Thanks to this site I'm doing it again. Preparing to spend money....lol
more like
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Hello everybody! I'm new here... and I want to ask.. I'm already happy with my Grado SR 60 & my Sony portable discman. But is there another way which I could improve its sound? Any suggestion please...
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I agree, the SR-60's are great phones. Sound great, inexpensive, don't need an amp. A friend of mine was in the same position as you [tried lots of gear and ended up sticking with the the SR-60's. But he also made what I thought was a good point saying the SR-60's have the ability to cover up or smooth over less than perfect recordings. Anyway, a great starter pair of headphones that you can keep forever.
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Originally Posted by VALIENTE View Post
Hello everybody! I'm new here... and I want to ask.. I'm already happy with my Grado SR 60 & my Sony portable discman. But is there another way which I could improve its sound? Any suggestion please...
Put an inexpensive Headphone amp between your cans and discman - I recommend the Total Bithead ($199.00)...or, if you want to try an amazing little Headphone Amp that costs LESS than $10.00 (yes you heard right - $8.39 and shipping is already included !!), then try the FiiO E3 3.5mm Earphone Volume Booster Power Amplifier - unbelievable.
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Got the Grado SR-60's a few months ago, and I've been really happy with them (I now know the wonders of stereo music). The sound is great and everything, but there is a small problem.

The headphones seem to "favor" the left side; for songs where the singer should be in the center of the stereo field, the singer always seems to be singing from slightly left-of-center.

In stereo tracks, the right side seems kind of "empty" besides any sounds that emanate specifically from the right side. Mono tracks also seem to be left-of-center.

Does this mean that the right driver is weaker than the left? If this is the problem, could I get a replacement?

It's not a huge problem, just something that gets to me after a while.
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Only been enptying my wallet around here for past month, the Grado SR 60's being my first venture. Love those phones, especially with the '60's psych rock I listen to. And for only $69, I don't stress about taking them wherever I go with my portable, be it on the subway down to TO, or while supervising my girls Power Cheerleading team on the road to hangin' out on the beach. Can't say the same for my Senn HD 580's which are confined to home and my amps.
Just a fun, fun, fun set of cans....always puts a big grin on my face!
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