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I've had my SR60s for little over a month now, they were my first real headphones. I've been extremely happy with them and enjoying listening to music much more then before.
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Loving my 60s so far in terms of sound. Fit, not so great.

A very different listening experience coming from a history of owning only IEMs.

Shall get some HD414 pads asap.
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Typically, how long does it take the SR60s to burn in? Mine are still very new (20-ish hours).
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I've been listening to my SR60 all summer and can't get enough of their addictive forward sound. I get eargasms almost every day. I've thought about upgrading in the Grado line, but I can't imagine the sound getting much better than this. I'm sure there would be marginal improvement, but compared to the price of the SR60, the value surely cannot be beaten.
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I had sr60's for about 4 months, and they were pretty dang good. I however a few weeks ago decided to get a new pair of cans and went for d1001k's. I can honestly say i like this new pair better but the sr60's will always hold a spot in my heart. Perhaps i'll get them once again if i miss them enough (sold them).
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I've got V-Moda Vibes (hate them - so "flat" sounding to me), Bose OE's (liked them for the bass, but compared to the SR60's they sound positively muddy), UE Super.Fi 5 Pros (astounding sound, but uncomfortable as all get out) and the SR60's I've had for about 2 weeks. And the SR60's are the ones I listen to 90% of the time. I love the open air sound of them, and for the types of music I listen to (mostly classical and old-time Gospel with quite a bit of pop music form my youth (think 60's and 70's)) they are fantastic. I bass is present but not powerful and that's fine for most of the music I listen to. But I find them outstanding on classical and vocals. I tell folks the SR60's are the best $70 I ever spent.

I've really decided IEMs are not for me. Although I love the sound of my super.fi's I just can't wear them for any length of time without them bothering me and I positively HATE cleaning them. The SR60's present a more open sound which I have discovered I really like and are much more comfortable.
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Originally Posted by HighLife View Post
Ive been going between the 3 pads i have.

I have to say, out of all of them. i like the stock comfies the best.

The ratshack comfies are nice, smaller...however it gives a muddiness to the sound since its so much closer to your ear. It does give more bass impact though.

The quarter modded HD414 are great...sometimes alittle high though. Also, it seems that it brings the highs forward and keeps the background alittle distant. I like it for some types of music.

The stock Comfies sound the best overall to my ears. They are thicker then the ratshack ones, which places the speaker a tad farther away from the ear. However, since its farther away, the bass isnt as powerful...not as much impact. However its much more clear sounding now.
I ordered my SR60's from Headphones.com, and had considered getting the bowls, but so many here seem to think they're uncomfortable that I had second thoughts. So I just just holes in the center of the comfies (about 1.5 inches) and I find the highs to be significantly clearer. I may still try the bowls, but for now I'm happy with "modified" comfies.
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i'm totally down with the SR-60 love
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Will the quarter mod improve bass as well as clarity? Also, will they make the highs more shrill, in addition to adding clarity?

I love my new SR60 too, I just wish it had at least as much bass as my HD555. I'm getting closer and closer to wanting to open up my package of bowl pads
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I tell everyone who asks about a good pair of headphones to get a pair of SR-60's. They're clean and clear with nice tight bass too. Not only that but they're cheap. If I started telling people to look for a $300 pair they'd just be like WHA...?! But for $60 they're usually like well that's kinda expensive but I'm sure for good sound they're worth it. I love my pair that's for sure. I've sold off everything except for my UE triple.fi's and my SR-60's. As far as I'm concerned that's all I'll probably ever need.
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Has anybody got a good way of managing their SR60 cable? The longness of it is annoying the crap out of me.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Has anybody got a good way of managing their SR60 cable? The longness of it is annoying the crap out of me.
Whenever I go out with headphones that have long cords, I put all the excess between my source and my headphones in my back pocket, and my source in the regular hand pockets. It works well for me.
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Well, I gave in to the SR-60 siren song, and I just have to say... WOW! There's a good reason for the hype. Even in their not-broken-in condition, the sound just jumps out of the pads. Amazingly, they even pass the Mahler test! Even the massive chorus comes through clean and clear.

Now, I'm trying them out with rock, and they really rock. I'd say this is the best $69 I've ever spent... think of it this way: it costs less than a bottle of top-shelf booze (depending on the booze, it can be a lot less).

Compared to my NC60:
  • NC60 has much better isolation, and noise cancellation when I need it.
  • The SR-60 needs +3dB bass boost, NC60 needs +6dB for my taste with my Rockboxed e260.
  • Both respond very well to EQ.
  • Both are comfortable, even though they feel different.
  • The SR-60 handles especially demanding recordings better (as with that Mahler acid test).
I actually like the old-school styling of the SR-60 - after all, I grew up with Koss Pro-4AA and 4AAA cans. Even though its thick, snakelike cable is a bit awkward, it's obvious that Grado has a no-compromise philosophy, and that shows up in the sound. Even better, they're made in Brooklyn, not China.

It's a "use the right tool for the job" choice - when I need the isolation/NC I'll stick with the Sonys, but the Grados will be the first choice when I don't need closed cans.
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espire, to confuse you further about your pad dillemma... try flats with the sr60. I find them the least offensive sounding (killing the sr60s upper midrange problem)and with some eq, they can bring back some highs that the sr60s lose using them.
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I have a pair of these little Grados and I use them when I want something that doesn't need an amp - usually out of my iPod when I am smoking a cigar outside or something like that.

They sound great but I don't find them very comfortable for any length of time. My wife hates how they look, too, but she is just that way She only likes wood headphones and I can't say that I can fault here there.
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