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Alot of people say the SR80's are just SR60's with bowl pads.
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Nearly. They have a different cable too
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I appreciate the SR-60 in another way. I appreciate that in some small way they may have helped to keep Grado alive and in the position they are in today.

After all; I just happen to have the Alessandro version of the SR-60, and it may not have happened had not the SR-60 came along when it did! So three cheers for the SR-60 for leading the way!!

....on the other hand; I realize that the three conductor cable is a cost cutting measure to keep the price below a magic number, but judging from bunches of posts, that cable may not be the winner the phone set is.

So although I applaud the SR-60, I cheer for the SR-80 as well!
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These things kick butt!!!! A raw, high-volume, in-yer-face, head-bangin' pair of strap-on rockets. It's like having a stripper rubbing against each ear.
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If you want more bass on you sr60 Please try with a flat pad, result is MORE then what you can imagine
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Got em! and yeah...they've got rapper/hip hop bass. Too much for normal listening, but definitely fun!
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I bought my pair of Grado SR-60 in 1995. Or, was it 1895? I don't remember. Being a Timelord, I do a lot of time-traveling, and after a while you don't know what planet you’re on, let alone the century. At that time I was using a pair of Sennheiser PX-100- I think it’s based on some Dalek technology. Not bad, but nothing like Timelord science…you know, bigger on the inside and stuff.

Anyway, the leads on my Dalek cans broke and I needed a replacement in a hurry. So, I gave the milometer on my TARDIS a twist, kicked the vortex core a bit and- voilà! - there I was, in the showroom of Altair Audio, Earth. The kind salesman told me: buy the SR-60. So, I did. Didn’t have much time to really consider other options ‘cause Rose was on Homeworld, being very irritated that instead of taking her out on another roller coaster ride through the stars, I was at some audiophile store caressing a pair of cans. I remember her exact words when I left her, huffing and puffing, in the dust of my phone box: I got your cans right here, buddy!

I paid the salesman and made a Terulian beeline back to Homeworld, plopped myself down on the floor in front of the Sonic System and plugged the headsets in. And, then- oh, my brothers and sisters- there was sweet music all around me, enveloping me, caressing me. It was Timelord science- bigger, so much bigger, on the inside! I cried.

In time, a couple of millennia perhaps, I took them off and asked Rose to try them. She sidled over to me on the floor, put the headsets on, and gave a shudder. She put her face against my shoulder, eyes soft and shimmering, lips quivering tentatively, and said: May I just say, Doctor, riding you- er, I mean, with you- has been the greatest thing in my life.

Since then, I have thrown a lot of alien noise towards my Grado SR-60, and it’s never let me down. It’s a little weather-beaten now. The foam pads are yellowed and worn, but the music keeps coming, as beautiful as the Diagma Cluster and as wide as the backside of a Slavine woman.
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I own a pair of 225s along with the flat pads and always find myself sticking to that combo no matter what the source. I'm going to ditch a pair of HD 595s I just bought because of the problems it has with deep bass which the 225s handle just fine without clipping as the 595s do. Now the question is this, would it be worth my while to get a pair of SR-60s considering that I enjoy my 225s?
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Probably be grabbing my second pair shortly. Very good for the price if you switch the stock pads out.
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I am looking to purchase some of these cans from www.headphone.com and I was wondering what additional upgrades you may recommend for a more rewarding experience with them.
I have a large head so the headphones must accommodate to that. I'm a 6'6 230lb guy with a Swedish-built head. I need to know if the SR60's will give me a comfortable time to enjoy the sound quality.

Looking at them I can see the earpads and headband are a little rough.
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If you can find yourself some HD414 pads, I think you'll find them to be much more comfortable.
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I found them on B&H Photo for a few bucks:
How would one install these?
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Quick question for those of you who have put the Radioshack pads on their SR-60's. I was in Radioshack the other day and the pads I saw didn't look like they would fit. Does anyone know the Radioshack part number on the pads that do fit? Thanks in advance.
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im lovin my sr60's with sock-modded bowls!! I just wanna know whats with the rivalry with MS1 and whats really better, if any??

I mean, in almost every "recommend a newb a good cheap headphone", the sr60 inevitably comes up, but only to be drowned out a few posts later with multiple "go with the MS1's instead"...whatsupiwtdat??
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I know wzzuup widdat x2
If one lives in the US, the ms1 price is a big percentage of the sr60s more and the kicker is..... I love the sr60s more! Boring ms1 crrruyw9f780 hehehe
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