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I'm with you Glory, I have difficulty using mine as a portable because they're sooo open. I do use them as a "transportable" if I'm going someplace with a suitable listening environment, but walking down the street, or even worse, on a plane, they just don't cut it for me. My KSC 75's (still open, but work a little better for me, especially with my bike helmet) or my ER-6i's are my choices for portable use.

SR-60's are still my favorite of my meager collection of cans though, despite the open-ness limiting portability.
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Originally Posted by GlorytheWiz825
I'm curious on how people use the SR60 as a portable headphone. I use the SR60 mostly for work since it has a somewhat quiet environment. When I tried using it outside...I couldn't hear anything unless I crank the volume way up and that's not good for my hearing. So I'm just curious to know how people end up using the SR60s as portables?
This is what I wonder as well. I don't really use these as portable headphones and turn instead to my UM1s which are much more enjoyable when on the go. As good as the SR60 sound, they are no longer so rockin with screaming babies, couples arguing, bus noises and the roar of the L-train in downtown Chicago mixed into my ears. This is of course not to hate or detract from the SR60s overall in my judgment of their sound quality but make me question others' use of them as portables. I absolutely love them for rock but find I can't listen for too long.
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In NYC, I actually like having an open can. You can hear the traffic honking at you if something's coming, or an announcement on an overhead speaker etc. I usually keep mine at a reasonable volume though... I never use them to tune out the background noise.
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i like what i've been reading in this thread about the sr-60s, but before i purchase these, i have a question: are these 'better' than the hd-590 that i'm using right now? and what are the differences between the hd-590 & sr-60?

i guess i'm afraid of disappointing myself if i buy these due to high expectations from reading this thread...
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From what I've read, they'll be completely different. Sennheiser and Grado are the two classic "opposite" house sounds, so it might be more difficult to define one as "better" than the other. I haven't heard the 590's, but I assume they sound somewhat like the 580's or the 600's. Grado's are extremely upfront with accentuated treble, and I personally love the sound. It would be a great compliment to your Senn's.
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Just wanted to chime in here: I've said that the Grado SR60 is possibly the best buy in all of audio for the past 13 years. They are an absolute blast to listen to, and you allways feel like you got your monies worth. Forget flavor of the month, they qualify for being the flavor of the decade. I may have some issues with the more expensive Grado cans, but not with the SR60. GREAT CAN!
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Damn SR60s made me spend tons more money on 325s and RS2s. I got all 3 sitting here... the SR60 is beat up and the oldest piece of audio equipment I still have.
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man i can't wait to get mine
is it safe to cut a hole in the pads with an old swiss army knife?
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Originally Posted by mckickflip
man i can't wait to get mine
is it safe to cut a hole in the pads with an old swiss army knife?
sure, so long as you don't cut it while the pads are ON the cans.
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haha, i know enough not to cut into the driver
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Originally Posted by mckickflip
man i can't wait to get mine
is it safe to cut a hole in the pads with an old swiss army knife?
More people should try the socket method of Kramer's. It is the best way to cut a perfect hole in pads imo.
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does anyone know a cost effective way of importing a set of these to the UK?

They are soooooo expensive over here!!

I tried ONECALL.COM but they don't ship abroad...
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There's the obvious (but expensive) way of tying an SR60 purchase to a holiday to the US you might be making anyway...

Seriously, though - I'm in London and know what you mean. They're far too expensive here. If possible, get a pair delivered to a friend in the US who can send them on to you.
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Originally Posted by GadgetBoy
Newbie.... first post after lots of lurking.

Have the SR-60 on order, should be coming today or tomorrow!!! Largely due to this thread and a lot of looking around.

Currently on Senn PX-100 (and the Senn noise reduction PCX-250 until my cat pulled the wires completely out!).

Am excited for the Grado sound!

They came and are awesome! I like them a lot better than the Senn PX-100, even with the 60's still breaking in!

They are definitely putting a bigger strain on the iPod or soundcard to drive them. I pretty much expected that, but didn't know it would be as dramatic a diffrence to the Senns.

I have a feeling the 60's with an amp would be even better. And so it started.
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gadgetboy, what kind of soundcard are you using? just curious what kind of difference i would expect from a grado using my revo 5.1 --> pa2v2--> senn hd-590 (sr60 instead, if i buy one)
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