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Yeah, it was nice on my iPod as well... until the right side driver blew out because I listened to it to loud.
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I ordered my dad some, let's see how they turn out!
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i beleive everyone that said they blew out. but i just can't see how an ipod blows out drivers that large. maybe some are just defective right out of the box and we don't know about it untill a weak winding blows or something.
or it can be that lower quality amps(ipod output) distort too much at high volume.

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gs ferrari,thanks for starting this thread because i believe the sr60 is the greatest headphone of all.
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I just got it weeks ago . Very nice sounding. Great buy!!! Any cd/cassette seller should take those sr60 as listening equipment so they can sell more cds.lol. It just have a little lack in bass (not "agressive" enough compared to its awesome midrange & highs) and in soundstage (no "artificial" soundstage, but who cares).

After all, the combination of aspect this headphone give is truly enjoyed me . should've own this kind many years ago.

This headphone may recure one's upgraditis unless we can hear more enjoyable headphone at very reasonable price .

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No SR60 love here... I liked them a lot but they died after just over a year.
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I had to rebuy them, I can't help this.

Out of the box and directly connected to the PC: "wonderfull" involving sound.

Now I wait for the flats to come.

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Had these phones for close to half a year. I still get deeply involved in the music. The clear, up-front sound and uncompromising bass still wows me.
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I have great appreciation toward the SR60 even though I have never even heard a set.

If the SR60 hadn't been the driving force in getting Grado back on the map, then the MS-1 wouldn't have ever happened!!

I am sure they are at a minimum; very kindered spirits!

Thank you; SR60!!
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This is how much I liked the SR60s: After three hours of listening to them, I decided to upgrade to the SR225s. To me, that is what every entry-level audiophile product should do: give an enticing idea of what the bigger, better siblings are like at a fraction of the price of the high-end offerings.
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Originally Posted by eight08
i just dont get the love for grados... it seems to be unanimous that they have an obvious flaw with their representation of "highs". yet even with that flaw, people seem to love them.

i am so happy and overly satisfied with my ath-a700 yet im still so drawn owning a grado.. any grado. wtf!! to be honest though, ive never tried a pair of grados - so there's this whole aura of curiosity surrounding them for me.
hmm, dunno, Lets ask your cat in the picture there that has been tortured by the hair groomer, he looks he could use some fun, maybe a pair of SR-60's
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Boy !, after eading through this, I think I'll keep them
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Some days ago flats pads arrived!

SLAM! More punch, more detail, more dynamic. Funnier Sr-60
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The SR-60 headphones are an interesting experience for me. On the one hand, they sound cheap. On the other hand, they are something special. At the same time. This paradox never seems to be resolved.

I think they have grown on me. They are unusual.

EDIT: I believe this is partly because they sound a little too "soft" and "lush", yet they resolve something special out of music that more detailed headphones generally don't.
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Originally Posted by myc
Any cd/cassette seller should take those sr60 as listening equipment so they can sell more cds.

Stroke of genius!!!
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