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Ahahaha AT Sound Burger...???

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What the, look at this, a portable record player.

Found it on ebay...go figure.

The Audio Technica sound burger. (This couldn't possibly be AT Headphones could it???)
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hahah what a name marketing must have had a heck of a time with it!!!

looks like a record player too me turntable?
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That is pretty crazy ... it appears to be the same AT (The logo looks the same / similar at least). If it weren't $300 I might buy it just for the halibut ...
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Is it edible? Cause I'm hungry...

Does that thing take batteries???

Biggie Smalls
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zbuddah: It's a portable Record Player alright.
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yeah it's the same AT, I've seen them making iMac color trimmed portable speakers before... and for this kinda design, Sony had portable CD players (pre-Discman period) like this back in 1983...

Cool isn't it, wonder why they don't make stuff like this anymore...
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I actually owned a SoundBurger for a short while and believe it or not it actually sounded pretty good. Not up to the standards set by Linn, Logik, Pink Triangle and Michell but certainly a lot better than the Walkman's of the time.

BTW - It went really REALLY LOUD!!!!
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Originally posted by x1lexure
zbuddah: It's a portable Record Player alright.
that's Crazy !!! aren't they huge then?
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holy ****!! those units are aweeesome!!!

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I wonder if they thought it would be the next hoolahoop hehe...

BTW What powered the thing?

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Yeah aren't they cool... the Sound Burger seems big, but take a look at the Sony players, don't be fooled by the closeup pic cuz they're really small (just compare it to the adjacent pencil holder)...

I would love to carry one of these out on the street... cuz then nobody would dare to come near me or risk getting their hands or head chopped off.. hahahahaha
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ITs strange you know... Sony makes us believe that their newest stuff is heigh tech and state of the art, but they're actually capable of much much more... Makes you belive they develop new stuff years ahead and only releases it when they belive the public is "ready" for it.

I hate big companies.
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Well most companies do that I think which is pretty smart in terms of profitability... look at 3M for example, all their revenue are from products out in the market today which are mostly fully developed at least 5 years prior to their release... But I think Sony creates most of their successful products in a rush (the first Walkman went from prototype to final release in just a few months, and so was the FD Trinitron WEGAs if I remembered correctly.. read from the Sony Design book and one of the newer Sony biographies)...

Another Sony note (hehe forgive me I'm a Sony head), the CCD (charged coupled device) chip took 10 years to develop, and look at it now the thing is crucial in new digital video capture equipment.. they truly invented so much stuff, from compact cassettes to 3.5" floppys to CDs to MDs...
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