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Britten: "young persons guide to the orchestra" Telarc 80126
a1986 recording. Excellent in every way as a demonsration of all the instrument of the orchestra and how they interact. A good test disc.
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So um, those of you who keep posting 1980-1990 discs, are there just not any recent Telarc CDs you like or what?

Still looking for more suggestions of good newer Telarc recordings (2001-2002).
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Hmmm...I think you're putting too much faith in the technology, kelly. You shouldn't count out the 1980-1990 cds simply because they're older. Many of them them are outstanding in both their interpretation and recording quality.
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Adam, I have not "counted out" anything. I'm sure there are many great Telarc CDs from all time periods that I may end up owning, but that wasn't the point of the question I asked here. Are you agreeing that there aren't any good ones from 2001-2002?

I'm wondering if the label took a serious dive in content since not many people have answered that.
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hamsta, thanks for the great listing.
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Reflections of Spain: Spanish Favorites for Guitar was released this year 2002. Get that already!
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Originally posted by pigmode
hamsta, thanks for the great listing.
My pleasure, Pigmode.
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They just re-recorded the 1812 Overture, and released it in SACD! I have it on order.

Telarc is absolutely my favorite label. I think that all of their stuff is great. It just depends on your tastes.

I will recommend one NOT to get. I picked up a "new" version of The Four Seasons. I didn't realize that it was "for harp and orchestra" until I had gotten it home. Being so open minded that the wind blows through my head, I tried it anyway. It just does not work for me. The harp work is incredible, but it still just puts me to sleep.

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Audioredneck, excellent choice!

Schickele's 1712 Overture is a great piece of work. I still lmao every time they get to that strung out series of quater notes where the entire orchestra stops, inhales in unison, then finishes the phrase. I was working under a car the first time that I heard it, and I laughed so hard that I dropped the oil filter that I had just spun off. What a frigin mess!

His work iis also a great mental workout if you are familiar with all of the works that he has borrowed from. He has a show on NPR over the weekend, called "Schickele mix". Very educational and amusing.

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Originally posted by Greg Freeman
They just re-recorded the 1812 Overture, and released it in SACD! I have it on order.
Thanks, Gerg. I'd seen this in the store and wondered about it. Some people on various forums have said that the redbook on SACD recording is (some say intentionally) not as good as the same redbook recording on a disc by itself. If this has any truth, I don't know if it's a layering issue or not. If not (and it is intentional), I'd assume that would apply only to Sony discs, not Telarc. Anyone know or heard anything? (Better yet--do you guys know if they even did a normal redbook release of the "new" 1812? Is the redbook on this one even new or is it the same as the 1990 release?)
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They released it in standard CD, SACD, & DVD-A formates. They also still sell the first recording. Telarc 1812 info page
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Originally posted by Flumpus
Not sure how new, but try The Big Picture and The Great Fantasy Adventure Album. Both are very good with a variety of main themes from movies... Just some fun stuff to listen to.
The Big Picture gets the dcg "seal of approval." Careful, though - I blew the hell out of one of my Kef's with the Twister track, and Kef doesn't seem at all interested in responding to my requests for replacement drivers. Guess I know where my next set of speakers won't be coming from.
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Which model did you fry? Woofers or tweeters?

Most companies don't appreciate it when you fry their products, especially the smaller stuff. However, if they were a big full range speaker and you didn't clip the amp, you may have grounds to raise hell with them.

Just my opinion.

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Is there some precaution I should take when playing stuff like 1812? I don't think my Sennheisers have anything to worry about but I'd hate to blow an NHT.
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Ya, any of theirs discs with digital sound effects have the potential to blow stuff up
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