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Cardas cable plug noise - Page 2

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My Senns were originally bought from Jan exactly one year before this past Sunday... I still think it is a quality control issue.
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I don't know if this applies to your problem, but may solve someone others. I had a similar click problem on my HD600 with stock cable. After some time, I discovered that the cause was oxides and/or grease (e.g. cigarette smoke and other air pollutions). The problem disappeared after cleaning with Kontak. It is easy to clean the plugs on the headphone cable, but please be careful when cleaning the contact area in the headphone so the contacts not become bent. I have not tried DeOxit spray, but it may be ideal for this - it is said to have some magical property to clean by just spraying.
This treatment can also have a benificial effect on other connectors. If some plugs are very dirty, it may sound like a new system.
Alcohol is not sufficient - it can clean some grease but not oxides and sulfides.
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Just as a passing comment, as I was looking over this thread due to my interest in the Cardas replacement cable.. I must say, I've *feared* that the HD-600's cables were flimsy and could be tugged out easily or otherwise malaligned..

*But* under the considerable use (some of which would make some here cringe I'm sure) I've given them, I've not had any issues with the stock cables. They haven't come loose on me, etc. I wish I had a better way of controlling the exact cable legnth than a twist-tie, but that's just a minor gripe that can be easily fixed. That way I don't do something stupid like trip over them or something.

The -one- issue I've had with the HD-600s is one of the headband clips that holds the padding in place came off and got lost, so now I gotta adjust the padding occassionally.
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