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Cardas cable plug noise

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Anyone get an occasional and slight clicking noise when using the Cardas cable? My theory is that the smaller custom plugs (on the headphone end) move around in the jacks a bit, and then something -- probably the connecting spring -- just goes "pling!" inside. Didn't notice it until I was listening to low-volume background music.

Happens on both sides, more frequently on the side away from the cable (for example, the left side if the cable is being pulled to the right by a CDP/amp).

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hmm, no problems here.

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My Cardas developed an intermittent loss of signal in one channel,similar to the way the stock cable behaved.Also, the plug to the Sennheiser is smaller than the original and does not fit as well. I'm sending mine back to headroom

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I started having the same problem, loss of signal in the left channel. I switched back to the stock cable and they just seem to fit better the plugs are 1/3 larger than the cardas plugs. And switching back to the stock I didn't notice any reduction in the sound quality to my ears, plus no loss of signal at any head position and much less bulky than the cardas. The cardas cables are going back to headroom. I'll probably buy the ART di/o with the refund.
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Let me see if I've got this right. The cable is $150, they cause problems because they don't fit and you didn't hear an improvement in sound quality. Good deal!
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They fit fine in my headphones and they definately improved the sound - sarcastic evil smiley
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I am having problems with mine as well.The right connector keeps falling out and there is a loss of signal to the left channel when the cord is moved near the plug.i have been promised a new cable when the second wave of production is done,until then I'll hold on to this one.I'm disappointed with the quality of this cable.
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I'm not having any problems with mine, and the plugs on the one I recently received fit better than the ones that were on the prototype.

The ones I have now have smaller plug bases than the stock cable, but the part of the plug just aft of the contact pins (that is the part that actually plugs into the earpiece) seats very well.
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I have had no problems with fit or far. Don't like to hear about other members having trouble, my Clou is ready to go back to service if needed though.
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I sent my Senn 600s back to Connecticutt for repair -- they asked me to send the Cardas as well (which I did) so we'll see what happens. The right cable was also popping out of mine, but either cable when plugged in the left earpiece stayed firmly in place.

I think the real problem is with the Sennheiser headphones themselves -- since the stock cables rely on either locking the contacts into place or on the static friction between the wide connector and the hole around the earpiece plugs Sennheiser might not check for the quality of the connectors.

I'll report on my experiences with Sennheiser. To tell the truth, though, if they don't fix my problem, I'll sell my Sennheisers and abandon the company's products for good -- so I hope they'll come through!
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DanG's post makes a very good point.The Cardas plug may not be compatable with the Sennheiser HD-600. The Sennheiser is known to have had a lot of cable connection problems in the past and since the Cardas cable is new and not tested, this might be the problem here.My HD-600 originally went back to Sennheiser for a "cable connection upgrade". The Red Cloucable is back on my Sennheiser now with NO PROBLEMS!!!!!!!! I can't wait to here what the Sennheiser tech says. Too bad Sennheiser does not make their OWN cable upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by arrowmark
DanG's post makes a very good point.The Cardas plug may not be compatable with the Sennheiser HD-600.
I have two pairs of Sennheiser HD-600s. The Cardas cable has worked on both with no problems, and I did a lot of cable swapping for the review I wrote.
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Originally posted by DanG
I sent my Senn 600s back to Connecticutt for repair -- they asked me to send the Cardas as well (which I did)...
Oh, goody, maybe they'll take some notes as well...
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I just tried the Cardas with a brand new set of HD600 and the right connector fell out.The problem with the plug is much more intermittent and I have not been able to duplicate it at will.

When I saw the prototype in Las Vegas I never got a good look at the connectors but I was told the 1/4" jack was specially designed to eliminate "crosstalk".This jack looks a lot like a standard Switchcraft plug to me.
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I will admit that the stock/Clou cables fit better at the Senn end
because as Dan said the plastic shape around two pins on cable forms a friction fit with Senn recepticle. The Cardas cable is smaller
and doesn't seem to have the friction fit to keep cable in place.

My Senn 600 are less than 1 yr old, perhaps they have improved
cable connection from older units?

But have had no problems so far with mine.
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