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See what $5K will buy you.

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Well, if you're Headroom it will buy you exactly two sentences in the latest August issue of Stereophile magazine. The sentences are below as were made by Michael Fremer while talking about the HE 2001 show.

A corner room in the vendor area contained the largest selection of headphones and headphone amplifiers I've ever seen in one place, courtesy of HeadRoom, who debuted its new version of the Max amplifier. Stax, Grado, and Sennheiser headphones could all be auditioned.

Notice that he never mentioned if he tried any of the products himself. I think that's pretty lame Michael. Maybe you just don't like those "clicks" and "pops" associated with LPs so close to your head. If I were HeadRoom I'd ask for my money back. Just kidding Tyll and Todd.
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<grin> I don't know whether it's the same in american audio journalism, but over here nobody ever tried to buy me (in my function as executive hardware editor for an online computer magazine) - it's a shame!

And usually we can't even keep the test samples (with the possible exception of motherboards - Taiwanese manufacturers seem to have loads of test samples). That's why I'll have to pay my desired notebook myself, damntheheck!

I guess the only pieces of hardware I got for free, after I tested them, were an external Toshiba 2x SCSI CD-ROM drive and the good old Telebit Worldblazer modem - in approximately 13 years. But bribing with products wouldn't help much, anyway, because keeping a product would only be interesting if it is really good - and really good products get good reviews, anyway. <sigh>

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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This is ineteresting.
What magazine do you write for?
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Oh, that's CHIP Online - www.chip.de - and some of the content also exists in English on www.chiponline.com - which is CHIP Online USA.

Manfred / lini
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Thanks for the info.
I'll have a look if you don't mind


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I was there when JA waltzed into the Headroom display room. He shook hands with Tyll, they talked for a minute, Tyll stood next to the Blockhead wearing the HD600 for a picture, and Stereophile officially left the room. No, doesn't seem like they're very interested in headphones.
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