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Well, I got a Treo 10 MP3 Jukebox

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I spluged with my income tax money and got a e.Digital Treo 10 MP3 jukebox from COMPUSA for $250. So far so good. I have listened, and am surprised at the output power. With Sony V6's you can create much pain in your ears. The PC interface took some adjustment, but seems to work very very well. I don't know how it does it, but it puts songs out of order on my pc into proper order on the Treo. Amazing. Sound quality is good. Some say there is hiss. I did not really notice it much. It is constant very LOW level, not intrusive at all, and does not increase with volume. It's a solid unit, aluminum cover. Nice screen. Cheap batteries (LION).

I will post a mini review soon.

Good Review:


eDigital Website for Treo 10
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First day or two with the Treo 10

Well, I spent many hours moving some music into the thing. That 10gb is a lot of music! I usually use CDEX as my CD encoder, and sometimes ripper. For the Treo I am using WMA format, not MP3 format, and use dbPoweramp for the ripping and encoding. No problems there.

The Treo Explorer is very very simple and basic. It looks like a Windows Explorer screen. You open the Windows Explorer full screen. Open Treo Explorer partial screen. Select the music you want to transfer....highlight it or select all. Then click on Treo Explorer to bring it over the Windows Explorer, then just drap songs into right area of Treo Explorer, and into the Treo they go.

The Treo has strickly enforced structure. It works based upon, they say, "Genre/Album/Track" format. It is really "Folder/subfolder/track" format. Flexible. You can't copy at the folder level. On the Treo device screen are the three levels.
You move up and down to select one of the above, then left or right to select in each folder. Basic. The screen is hard for me so see though. It is crisp, but smaller than I would like and looking at it from a non 90degree angle is not exactly wonderful.

The play options, like random, etc, are incredible. I have never seen a player like it. But no playlists. It displays battery , volume, eq Folder/Subfolder/Track info, format (WMA, MP3), and time played.

It is a bit quirky. There IS a hiss with some headphones. It is constant, so is probably the output amps. My current phones I am using now don't show it at all. Volume is slightly louder than Nomad Jukebox but sound quality, at lower freqs, is not as good as the NJB. No Line out. Has Headphone, USB, and Power jacks.

I managed to lock the unit up totally today, trying to scan a track....don't expect much in this department. They need a bit more firmware work here. But Tech support is there, and they answer quick. He gave me the reset sequence, and that worked.
Then the display was weird. Power on/off after that fixed that. So back to worky/ok.

I do love the build. Aluminum! MADE IN USA! Batteries available now (a flat Lion type) for only $20!

The USB cable connection is a bit, well, weak to me, but works. Easy to knock loose during connecting. Startup is very fast too, not slow like the NJB.

The OS/interface of the unit seems to be a mix of NJB and Archos.
Archos being on the PC/Windows Explorer type of interface, and NJB like a Database.

This one seems to work so far. I went through two Archos 6000's, the crummy pieces of s&*t. I am on my third NJB.

I did not expect to give a mini review, but what the heck.

It's nicely made compared to competitors. The Archos is nice case, but horrible battery charging and sound. NJB is plastic. Rio Riot is Plastic.

Only problem with the Treo is returning it within 14 days to COMPUSA, and being hit with a 15% restocking fee. Best Buy does not have that, or Circuit City. Circuit City has the CLASSIC brand jukebox, very very very similar to Treo, but more expensive in price, and a bit on the chinsy side.

The Treo is not an audiophile device. It makes good music. Better than a cassette, similar to many CD portables. It could use some more low end kick. But one of the equalizer settings (and the eq mode controls are also superb design) is USER, and you have about 5 BANDS! Someone did some thinking with this user interface.

I think with a few more passes at their firmware (like all the manufacturers do), this will be one well thought out product.

Oh year. 3 hour charge time. Walwart charger into side. Headphone and USB on top of unit. Battery comes out the front.

My complaints???? Need more punch in bass (it is not thin sounding). Some of the lettering on the Treo unit screen should be bigger. The backlight time out is a maxium of 5 seconds....to short, make it about 20 max.

Wish I could afford the PJB-100, but at about 1/2 the price, this will do.
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Quick update on HISS

Well, I finally plugged in my Headroom Total Airhead into the Treo 10. The hiss I mentioned is always at a constant level. So the Airhead makes it more pronounced. If the music is recorded at a low level...well, it does not help. So you have to keep the volume up on the Treo to minimize hiss.

Back to the old days of cassette hiss????

Sound quality reviewed again... on a scale of 1 to 10, where, say 0-3 are unacceptable, and 10 is fabulous, I would give it about a 5 or 6. Sound is clear enough. No bass punch, including with the Sony 7506/v6. Five band equalizer helps, but not enough. The real bottom...the real lows, are not there. The Rio 800 amp is far superior. The Nomad Jukebox 6gb does have better sound.

I use WMA alot, so the NJB does have a "WMA" bug, where the first 2 seconds are cut off. Annoying sometimes. Creative says in latest release of NJB 1 firmware (2.95?) that this is fixed. Problem is, which is common with Creative, they added more and different bugs with the new firmware, so I downgraded to the previous release.

I only use WMA to save space. I like Lame MP3 192kbps or higher, but at 96kbps WMA v7 (v8 is out) even classical is ok for a portable. 128kbps very nice for a portable.
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Update on the Treo 10. I found out that only COMPUSA sells the metal case ones. Some place called "Good Guys" has plastic ones. Future ones will be of plastic they say. Oh well.

The Treo does a a WMA bug . You can't FFWD or REW in a track. You can do it in MP3 though. Their tech support says
they will probably fix it in firmware as soon as they can, in a week or two.

I am happy with the sound now. It's no MG Head with HD600's with Clou's. But sounds good. Sounds good with the eq set just right with 7506's and the Total Airhead. With 128kbps WMA V8 or 192kbps MP3 sounds are awesome.

People say USB is slow and they want Firewire. Well. The main time is spent converting or ripping, not loading the Treo. Plus, you only fill the disk up really one time, and you listen the rest.
I have no problem with USB.

To use the Treo on another computer, like to share photo files and such, just bring along your USB Treo cable, and the software CD. No problem. 10gb is a lot of pictures.
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I also have the Nomad Jukebox, 20gb version with the latest software and all my CDs ripped at WMA 160. I haven't had any problems with the software, or at least I haven't noticed any. I love the sound with the Total Airhead and good headphones. The only complaint I have for the hardware is battery life, which will be resolved when I upgrade to the new NJB3. I want 40gb this time, which means I'll have to wait an extra month or so.
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For the price I paid for the Nomad Jukebox 6gb and, many months later, the Treo 10, I could have gotten the PJB-100.
Oh well. I agree about the NJB battery life, it stinks.

Creative says 6 hours, but mine is more like 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.
Treo, on the other hand, says 6 hours, and it's much more than that. And the Treo is 1/2 the size of the NJB 1.

I am keeping the NJB because I use it in my bedroom system. Instead of change out cds or mds all the time I just select one of the hundreds of albums or collections on the NJB. It's line out is pretty nice.
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Just got my Koss KSC35's today. Nice little cans. They work great on the Treo! NO HISS! Good volume and sound. Good match.
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Update on the Treo battery
Just wanted to update this thread about the Treo 10 battery availability.

There are two Treo 10's, the older, aluminum one and a current plastic one.

The batteries available (spares) as of this date are for aluminum one only, NOT the plastic unit. There is no way to really tell.
I have ordered the battery and will post my results.

One of the four screws holding the unit together apparently fell off. I taped over the other screws and the hole to make sure no more fall out. It still seems to be together tightly.

Oh yes, 10mb is a LOT of music. 20gb is awesome......40gb......well, you will have a lot of empty space!

dbPOWERamp is freeware and does ripping and encoding quickly and nicely. I use it for WMA v8 encoding. I use CDex for MP3 LAME encoding.
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