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I purchased a pair of ATH-CM7 earbuds from gurus and I am completely happy with the deal. The buds were shipped very quickly and arrived in perfect condition.
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Gurus helped me ordering some DIY parts and shipped them nicely packed and fast to Finland. Highly recommended!
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Bought an HD650 from gurus. Good communication and quick shipping. I would def. deal with him again. =)
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Bought a pair of K501's from Gurus; condition true to description (mint), shipped immediatly. Perfect transaction. Highly recommended.
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Gurus Positive Feedback

I bought a used RudiStor RP31 headphone amp from Gurus and glad I did. Good communication, accurate infiormation, fast shipment. No worries here.
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Sold Gurus my pair of modded K340's, payment was prompt and communication was great highly recommended.
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Bought a CD3000 from Guru and everything was a smooth as silk. Overall nice guy who has enough experience to treat anyone right. A pleasure to speak to also. Highest recommendation to all
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I bought Gurus pair of modded K340's
Communication was excellent and he is very committed; highly recommended.

Will definitely buy from him again.
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Purchased a Wheatfield HA-1 from Gurus, and everything was smooth - good communication, quick ship, great deal. If only it was a HA-2...

Thanks Gurus.
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Bought a pair of AKG k1000's from Gurus. Great condition, and fast shipping.

Thanks again.
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I bought a set of HD580s. Good communication, swift postage, well packed, item arrived exactly as described.
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He joined us in the 3rd Quail powercord group buy. No problems encountered in the transaction whatsoever. Would be happy to deal with him again.
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I bought a pair of headphones from gurus. He was very good at answering questions. I am enjoying them. Thanks.

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Bought the L3000 from him. Excellent communication, fast delivery, perfectly packed, and in amazing mint condition as promised. Looks brand new. Highly recommended.
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I bought his beautiful Headcode...I'm sorry a fine member like this is contemplating retirement from Head-Fi. Say it ain't so Guru!!
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