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DIY Work Area (multiple, big pic warning)

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For the DIYers around here, what does your workbench/area look like?
Note: These pics are a few weeks old, since I'm currently working on two CHA47s there's a lot more audio-related stuff on the bench.

My PerfBoard Wall of Components

Left end of my workbench

Right end of my workbench

Table to the right of the worbench that holds all my big electronic equipment

The shelf above the workbench

The storage table on the other side of the room as my workbench, that holds miscellaneous stuff (note Dremel tool box in upper right corner of the table)
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Eric, all I'm getting is Photopoint logos with the statement that the pictures are unavailable.
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YIKES. Photopoint, are they pay-only now? I read that their free service was on its way out.
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Hmm... Try looking through the HeadWize album at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=1744233&f=0

the pics are all there. The workbench is the *really* cluttered table split between two pics, the equipment table has the o-scope, printer, and chart recorder on it, the shelves are brown, the perfboard is white, the misc table has a grayish/black-drawer-ed box on it.

And if that dosen't work my email address is eric343@2alpha dot com (spambot proofed) so you can put that in to the "visit albums" box on the PhotoPoint page.

I think the reason that the images don't work is that PP is now charging to link the images to other sites, but I tried to do a direct link to the image shown in the album.
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I guess PP is going pay-only. Are there any alternatives?
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It's nice to see you're as tidy and organized as I am . It's also nice seeing Macintoshes being put to use.
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LOL, I got that mac for free and don't use it since I don't have an ethernet card! Anyone know where you can get a Mac ethernet card (for older macs)?
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Anyone know where you can get a Mac ethernet card (for older macs)?
As a matter of fact, Eric, I believe I have a bunch of them somewhere....the question is "Where?" I'll try to dig 'em up this weekend and if you PM me your mailing address, I'll send one to you. BTW, is that a MAC IICi or IICx? And why do you want ethernet? You're not planning on going on the internet with that thing, are you? It's a tad slow for that sort of thing.
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What, you mean I can't install Linux on it and use Lynx? Or I could make it an X terminal... I'm kinda surprised that I couldn't use it for Netscrape on MacOS tho. But yeah, I would *really* *really* thank you if you could get me an Eithernet card.

It's a IICi, with the rectangular-swiss-cheese connectors (that look like *huge* IDE/SCSI internal connectors) instead of PCI.

By the way, do you want me to pay for shipping through PayPal or what?
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Those are nubus connectors. And don't worry about the shipping.......I got it. I like to see old Macs put to good use. A PC from that era would be capable of serving as nothing more than a doorstop.
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What, you mean like my IBM XT?
Seriously, though, I'll be waiting at the door for that card-*THANK YOU JOE*! (I'm *really* in need of a computer in my workroom-so I can save on paper for the 50 page .pdf printouts and whatnot.)
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Damn, how'd you get an oscilloscope like that at 14? Parents' tools?
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So you make nuclear weapons in there or what? Program Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles?? Track spy satellites?
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Hey now, that Mac can still be used for the internet...

A friend had a Mac SE... a MAC SE!!! running OS 7.1 I think, with Netscape 2.0 working with the internet.

BTW the Mac SE he had had a built in 10" (I think) 16 grey monitor, 40MB disk space (I think), 4 MB ram (I think), 8mhz 68020 CPU (I think)... (I think because these are the specs to the Mac SE I own).

I think you can put OS 8 on the Mac, anything after needs a PPC, I think...
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Possum: That oscilliscope was *free*. Not bought by parents (who are both technically-disinclined doctors), but *gratis*. And not stolen either

chych: Thanks for the encouragement

ai0tron: I wish.
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