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Audio Rack

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Well, I've decided that I need an audio rack. Right now I've got my CD player, my dac, my amp, and my dvd player all sitting on top of my tv player, and I doubt it's healthy for any of the equipment to be piled on top of each other like that. So what I'm wondering is if anyone has suggestions for a nice, but definitely budget (200, maybe 250-300) rack. I've looked at audio advisor and they have the Lovan Classic I on sale for $200. It looks nice...

Anyway, just kinda curious about other people's setups and what not. Looking forward to the responses!
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For those lazy bones that don't want to go off to another site, here's a picture of what Flumpus is talking about:

I think that's pretty nice. 35.5" inches tall (that's about 3 feet) Also, it's stackable, which cool. Cool if you want to boost it even higher, or if you want to split it into two.
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Thanks neil...ya, it looks nice. I think I saw something similar at tweeter, not sure. May go check it out again.

BTW, Lovan's millenium rack is awesome! Lots of money though.

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Wait a second -- I feel a D.I.Y. audio rack thread starting. Anyone here ever build their own? Shoot, I can only guess that with a few 2x4s, glass or slab of Corian, circular saw, jigsaw/router, a handful of screws -- you're golden. Time's the most expensive component.
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the flexy from tnt seems to be a popular DIY rack.
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Hmmmmm...I'm not really big on DIY, but that's a thought. I'd probably spend lots of time and end up screwing it up anyway
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The TNT Flexi is a really simple build

Home depot has everything you need and they will even do the cuts

They carry the "all thread" bars and hardware plus a large choice of shelf materials

I went with birch veneer plywood shelves which I then stained a put on three coats of satin finish polyurethane -but materials/colors are optional

The ultimate is to use stainless steel bars

What I like about this design is the way shelf spacing can be anything you need , large for amps,small for preamps/DACs/etc,and you can do three or four legs (like the Salamander racks)

One 4X8 sheet of hardwood ply will give you enough shelves for two 36 in. high racks if the shelving is 24"X16" (12 pieces)-actually just a tad under accounting for the width of the blade
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I am so happy that I only have headphones and an amp (Will have in time for school).
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