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Portapro in Montreal

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Hello there,

I'm having large trouble trying to find Koss Portapro headphone in Montreal. Futureshop have decided to stop having them in their shelves. I've been everywhere, impossible to find. FutureShop, HMV, Archambault, various electronic stores on Ste-Catherine, RadioShack, even Canadian Tire. The US price for them is still too high on Koss' website. Montreal is really a poor city for headphones

Thanks for any help.

-- François
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cmon with 40 views, somebody at least has to have a clue no? It's a shame now about Montréal, it's a great city, but it's not wize for headphone. Too many Sony MDR-Vxxx

The ones I have now (the Porta Pro) are cut near the plug, I have no knowledge of electronics so I wouldn't know how to repair a broken cord near the plug (it's all exposed and cut).

Layton Audio?
Canadian Tire?
LY électronique?

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Last time I checked we had the sportapros instock @ computerbooksforless in the Gloucestercenter Mall Ottawa if ya want them that bad.
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Try AudioCentre.

They mostly sell high-end home theaters, but last I went there I saw a lot of Sennheiser... No idea about Koss though.

9100, Boul Cavendish
Quebec H4T1Y8

Edit: J'aurais pu parler en francais mais ca en aurait surement frustrer une couple...
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I found 'em!


Headroom has them for US$50 + ~$25 shipping to canada.

I would say that the sennheiser px100's from NCIX would be far more cost-effective, and right on the headroom page it says the px100's are the better sub $50 can.

PX100 @ NCIX is CAD $71 + CAD $10-15 shipping.

BTW I live in Canada (Ontario), and I haven't had any problems with NCIX.
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Yeah thanks 50 bucks US that's the same price you have on Koss' website. Future Shop had Porta Pro for at least the past 5 years, they were only 69$ CAN so it was very cheap. It's a shame they discontinued selling them, considering their bad headphone lineup.

I'm unsure about the PX100, I always prefered the Porta Pro sound to <100$ Senn's

It's more about the future, I should have bought 2-3 Porta Pro when I had the chance so I could rely on them throughout my life. Looks like it'll be the online way now.
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Ottawa Futureshop had them

Futureshop had them on their website as recently as Boxing week. They had them reduced to $50 so I picked up a pair at an Ottawa store. I saw they were removed from the website so I checked the store last time I was in there, maybe three weeks ago, and they were still on the shelf but at full price $80.
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8018 20e Avenue, Montréal, QC H1Z 3S6

(514) 376-1740
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