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CT570 at onecall

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Seems like they've bought hundreds of these and now
they're sitting on a big pile of CD players and can't
get rid of them

First, their special was til Juli 12 (or something like that)
then it was until the 31st, now it is open-end.

Well anyway, it's a good opportunity to get this
fine player at a good price (88.76 incl shipping)

Or maybe wait until it appears in the clearance section...


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It's too bad that their return policy is almost non-existent. I'd like to order from them but if I happen to find that the SL-CT570 doesn't sound as good as the ones that I've got already then I've just wasted my money. I'll be getting mine through an online retailer with a no questions asked return policy, even if it is 30 bucks more including shipping. After all, I could get it, try it out, return it, and if I do like it then save 30 bucks and get a unit from onecall.
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I wonder whether the 570 is really worth ~$25 more than the 470/A online....other than the 10 sec. uncompressed anti-skip, which i don't need, there is no need point that i see. Especially in the looks department - blue kicks! See, if there were a 570A, it would be a whole different ballgame...
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coovij: Actually, there is a SL-CT570A - I should know, because I've got three of 'em. And does the 470(A) also have a line/digital-out?

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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even the 570 doesn't have a digital out.
It's only Eurpeans and Asians that get the

But I like the 10sec linear antishock, I like the build (metal, not
plastic) and there's a battery check button. And a remote, but I
don't really care about this.

So, I think it's worth the 24$ difference, otherwise I wouldn't
have ordered one


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Lini - MY GOD!!! (not in vain, i am honestly questioning the lord's mercy at this point...).

How can there be a Pana 570A with optical out!? It can't be.

Ok, fine, it can.

Would you be willing to sell one?! Are they available in Europe easily?
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coolvij: Well, I recently bought the last two units at Electronic Partner (address is something like www.epnetshop.de) - they were on offer for 229 DM including VAT. Maybe they have a few left.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Hmm, that's about 100$ US.
Is an optical out worth 11 $? Maybe it is.

Well, anyway they don't have it on their website any
more, but they have the 470 for very expensive 249DM


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