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Looking for tubes

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Does anyone know of a reliable dealer on the net, or in Illinois, or Iowa, USA that sells the Ken-Rad VT-231 driver tube, or the RCA 6AS7G power tube. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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trytriode electronics .I go to this place a lot and buy lots of tubes from them.I am stopping buy tomorrow to trade an NOS CBS 5692 brownbase for the HA2.The place is a dump but they have the goods.When I go by I'll ask if they have the tubes you need.
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Thanks for the information Tuberoller. If they have either one of them please let me know. You people in the big city got it made. There is nothing where I live.
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The Ken-Rad VT-231 or 6SN7 is becoming a rare bird. You can get them on Ebay from tubemanaus. These are from Australian military NOS. He usually sells a pair of these every couple of weeks and has a good supply. I bought a pair of Ken-Rad VT-231 and Sylvania VT-231 from him about six months ago and highly recommend him. I'll try and find a link for you with his contact information.

Here is a recently completed auction. I would try and sidestep the auction thing and see if he would sell to you directly. I think his minimum bid lately has been about $89.00 for these. Other brands of this tube can be bought here in the U.S. for less, but if you have your heart set on Ken-Rads and don't want to mess with questionable used tubes, he has the good stuff.
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Thanks, timoteus. That sounds great. Any information about how I can contact the seller would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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Sure- On the ebay link just click on "tubemanaus" or click on "ask seller a question". I have deleted my old emails so I'm not sure but I think his name is Neville Keatly. The price might seem high but a year from now it will seem cheap. I need some backup pairs or I'll run the risk of kicking myself later. He has been selling Ken-Rad, Sylvania, and RCA VT-231's circa 1944-1945 and 1952 Sylvania VT-231's.
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