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4AAAs on eBay right now:
VINTAGE KOSS PRO 4-A HEADPHONES 4aaa Nice - eBay (item 300386963990 end time Jan-17-10 11:03:45 PST)
Bidding's at $9.99 right now.
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What about these vintage koss k-711 Red Devils i premium Black ?
Bought them for about 8$, but now they're broken for a while.
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I have a pair of AAA's that I picked up about 10 years ago for $20 with bad cushions , Koss sent me new ones for under $10 if I remember . They are a pretty good set of cans with great bass but weigh a ton ! Great for recording though ! My original pair that I bought new back in about '80 had liquid filled ear pads , I hope the ex is still enjoying them

I have a set of grado SR80's and sens HD480's and they each have a lot to like , but the old Koss keep up fine .
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Originally Posted by Stereowave View Post
I happened across a pair of these at a Goodwill store for 3$ but go figure they're at Goodwill for a reason. They're in real good condition but it turns out that the blue side (left) has no sound whatsoever coming through it. I would like to fix this but cannot find the problem? Does anyone know something I could try to fix this? Ive tried to wiggle the wire in every spot but I hear no crackle or no sign anywhere of any loose connection. Can anyone help please? Any ideas?
Still searching for some helpful insight it would be much appreciated
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I would suggest using an ohm meter to check the continuity from the plug to the element.

I just ran across this thread while searching for pads for my old Koss Pro/4AAA  - glad to read my money was well spent back in 1974, I think I bought them at Best Products (not Best Buy)

I called Koss at 1-800-USA-KOSS (872-5677) and contacted customer service.  They were only $5 including the shipping!

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They believe they have a lifetime warranty - call them at 1-800-USA-KOSS

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Hi Pummer,

I called Koss at 1-800-USA-KOSS last week and they sent me the correct PRO4AAA ear pads for my headphones for only $5 which included shipping. I just received them on 1/11/2011

The part# is (2) EC-PRO4AAA.

"Carefully" remove the center of the cups punched out plastic with a new razor knife blade (or x-acto knife) on a cutting board.

Be very careful not to puncture the cups plastic, since they are just an air bag with a small ring of foam inside.

After removing the old cups from the headphones, Clean them with a little Isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel.

Then remove the paper from the adhesive backing from the new cups and carefully align on the headphone.

Press down firmly around the the outer, then inner portion of the cup to secure it.

I believe they have a Lifetime Warranty - so you may want to send them to KOSS be repaired.

They sound & feel great again!

Happy New Year 2011,


ps - You have an A+ smile

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Excuse me my English

Koss 4AA was the first earphones which I had took in my life. That was 1990. Since that time, I have changed a couple of different earphones, and finally, I found, that Koss 4AA is the best of the best for me. Yes, they are heavy and make you some pain with its hard construction. But they sounds great. I think, that 4AA middle-range sounds like orthodynamic. But, bass is much more powerful.

In December 2011 I bought Koss 4AA (1971) and Koss 4AAA (1974). 4AA model looks like new (from original box). 4AA earpads was replaced in 1982. So, 4AA ear cushions are in great condition, they are thin and soft.

But, 4AAA rather was in bad condition. Its earpads became hard and lost their properties. I decided to find new ear cushions to replace. KOSS service have only 4AAA Titanium earpads, but they are not suitable for vintage 4AAA model.

So, I need some help. If anybody knows where I can find original 4AAA earpads?gs1000.gif

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Today I compared Koss 4AA and 4AAA with Audio Technica ATH-M50. So old 1971 and 1974 Koss vs 2010 Audio Technica. Receiver - NAD 317. Source - NAD C 545BEE CD Player. Track - Nazareth Hair Of The Dog.


Koss has much more rough and hard bass, sharp middle-range. Audio Technica has a soft, enveloping bass. Mids are not bright. High frequencies are highly expressed. Clearly audible sibilance. Audio Technica sounds like a big soft leather chair. Old Koss sounds just like a huge jackhammer.

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Would you be interested in selling the 4AAA Just turned 50 hoping to rewind a bit with the badass headset I once owned!

I'm located in  Oklahoma City


Thanks Tim


Reach me at t.bennett420@gmail.com

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No, thank you, I do not sell my kosssmily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by NuBreed View Post

What about these vintage koss k-711 Red Devils i premium Black ?
Bought them for about 8$, but now they're broken for a while.


What's wrong with them? hahaha 2 years later I know he won't see this question :) I just picked up the Red version which needs some internal work.  Hopefully I can fix them and find the faults, if not then either try the K/7 drivers (?) off a donor or wait around for this model. Have to wait to see. For some strange reason I've always wanted a pair, and they were cheap enough to bite.

The Auction pic until I get them in my hands.RED DEVIL.png

 Hope the side decals are intact. I may be sending you a PM soon hahah. either that or do a reversible SFI transplant and rename them to Red Demons. evil_smiley.gif


Be interesting to see how they compare to your above Koss 4AA/AAA impressions = "like a big jackhammer " hahah let's hope not but I won't hold my breath.


Sorry to side rail this thread.


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I took koss 4AAA Titanium earpads from koss warranty. They are completely interchangeable with the old one. So, there is no doubts for replacing new earpads on 4AAA.



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Just bought a set, did a Google search and found a set in Cincinnati on craigslist for $45. one better he still had the box! I had to convince the guy I was legit

and send them to Oklahoma City...add $40.00. Can hardly wait have a Yamaha RX-V2700  7.1 to resurrect these cans!

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Though this is an old thread, I'd love to share some love for these old beasts, and some advice as well.


I adore my 4AAAs. The midsection is transparent and lush, the lows are absolutely thundering, and it actually has detail unlike almost every vintage can I've ever touched. They also have a crazy good soundstage for a closed can, and no resonances either. I've been choosing them over my MDR-SA3000 recently. They really are something special.





Recently I replaced the cable on my 4AAA. I took a cable from a KOSS Reference One that I wasn't using because it was better than the 4AAA's stock cable. Much shorter, not so loose, and not stretched out. After I replaced it, my 4AAA sounded significantly better than before. It was far more revealing and both the bass and treble gained a bit of extension. The clarity was improved a lot. A possible explanation for this is that the 4AAA's cable is too long, giving it a very high impedance, which messes with the sound. This cable is about half the length of the stock cable.


If you have a cable lying around, I'd suggest swapping them, but DO NOT solder to the driver pins. If you do, you'll ruin the driver. You either have to use the little clips or wrap wire around the pins.

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