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re: large buffer, check the description of the Meridian 588.
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Aha! Thanks for the link!

It sounds like we're getting closer. But I want a product that will take a digital input from my computer too. It seems like it wouldn't be hard to do. If the transport is nothing special, then I imagine the cost of the product is largely based on the complexity of the digital buffering and reclocking circuitry, and the DAC circuitry. If so, why not add a no-frills S/PDIF input and decoder chip too?

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My take...if we're implying that all transports are equal, that means that every single transport in the world outputs the same perfect square wave as its voltage out for the digital information. One, zero, one, zero, that's all and nothing more.

Oh, wait. There's no such thing as a perfect square wave. Sorry, my mistake.
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Originally Posted by clarke68
Not necessarily. USB jitter performance depends on the receiving circuitry (the PLLs that Ferbose mentioned in his post, among other things). I'm no engineer, so I don't really know any more than that, however, I found an article that may explain it:

Thanks for the link.

Although I don't understand the latter half of the article, I certainly can see the point that jitter is a huge problem even in USB, at least within the confines of data transfer protocols in USB audio today. The enigineering challenges greatly exceed what we lay people can easily apprehend.
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