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chord cables

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I'm thinking of taking the unusual step in actually buying the interconnects for a system 1st, when usually they are the last component. I'm actually looking to spend up to £200 on a pair, as I see them as just like another component, actually imporving the sound. Has anyone any experience with chord? I'm looking at the Chorus or maybe even the signature. I listen to some very complex music.
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I use chord cables exclusively, Solid for sources, Chorus between pre and power amp, and Odyssey speaker cables. I started using Chord when I bought some Naim sources, because of course they have DIN plugs, and Chord are one of the few companies that offer DIN-terminated cables.

I have been through a lot of cables over the years, including some very expensive ones. The Chord cables replace Kimber Select interconnects and speaker cables, for example.

The Chord cables are amongst the very best I've heard. I am very happy with them - they are smooth, detailed, and as neutral as I've encountered, although with a very slight tendency to warmth. I recommend them highly.

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Check out
You will be absolutely amazed and delighted and many Quid richer to boot. They ship internationally, but you have to call them for shipping prices.
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pj- Check out and do a search in their forums for Silver Shark. There is a man there named FrontFloater who can build these DIY cables for you. They cost 90 pounds, but are well, well worth it. Neutral, transparent, good bass and treble.
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The only thing i'm not sure about is if it is ok to combine gold plated RCA jacks with silver plated IC's. Or vice versa. Do they react with each other, or are they inert?
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They're inert. Both chemically and in terms of sound reproduction, there is no negative effects from using silver and gold. I think they sound great, myself.
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