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Websites with Zen Micro altoids case instructions? - Page 14

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Wow richielee14 that has got to be the best case on here so far. It just looks so cool with the silver and black
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Yeah, I liked the silver and black, but I noticed that it began to oxidise (rust) when the bare metal was left exposed, so I gave it a coat of the black spray. Ill prob sand it down to metal again and spray it with clear finish if I can find it.
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neckstrap hidden zen micro

Check this out! The hidden neckstrap hook on the Zen Micro!!!!! spread the website around. Can't believe this wasn't shown on the instructions

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read the manual

its in the manual that gets loaded on your comp. page 18.
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I bought mine in singapore so it came with a neckstrap. I only found it cuz i knew there had to be one on it if it came with a strap.
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I always wondered what those holes were for!
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now you know why they are there
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I just made myself a case, and it took about 1 and half hours so i waited for the glue to dry and everything only to discover that when i closed the lid it pressed the buttons im very disapointed so does anyone have any suggestions?
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I presume you put a piece inside the lid right?

Take that out and just make a square shape to protect your screen.

You must have used a thick form, Ive padded everything inside, and I dont have that problem.
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Thanks i'll try that.
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I had the same problem. Then I took the foam and took my iron and it shrunk the thinkness of it just enough to close it.
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Also this may seem random...... But..... I just got an Idea. I think if you buy memory for your PSP you could store it in an altoids strips tin! post replies about this please.... It is not often I come up with a good idea
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Technically the idea isnt only yours...its been thought up before http://www.psp411.com/show/review/11...re_review.html
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Well darn I thought I had came up with something of my own. the reason why I came up with that is because I have a psp and it just clicked
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I guess great minds do think alike! oh well I'm the one who thought of it on this website
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