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Wow, after seeing some of these, I'm dissappointed in mine. Except not reading the tutorial, what I did was..

1) put foam in and folded it along corners to fit.
2) use Spray Glue *works awesome* to put secure it in (pressed down with player)
3)trimmed with scissors around edges
4) added an extra piece along bottom (maybe fishermans friend containers are a bit bigger)
5) cut the notch for headphones with a wire cutter (no dremel at the moment)

I noticed the player popped up too much and struggled closing, so I sprayed spray glue along the back surface of foam, sprayed with water, and dried with kleenex while applying pressure to dry it flatter...

spray glue was the main reason why I got this done in 5 minutes.. its good.


let me know if for any reason your interested in what I did to the top of my ZM
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heres mine i made a few days ago. its a pengin mints case dremeled out and resprayed black. i taped off the nutrition facts and upc code

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
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My Case

I made my case by cutting up the pouch, gluing it to felt and finally gluing the whole thing to the case. I know i copied some other guy who used the pouch but it was the best fabric I could find.
This was my second attempt at a case because I painted the first one where the lid contacts the case and it wouldnt open easily. this time I painted it with the lid closed with tremclad hi gloss spray paint.
the other thing I had to do was cut the felt in the lid smaller because it kept the lid from closing but now it works

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just finished mine.

the one thing i did differnetly, was put the yellow sponge on the left, so it holds the micro in place within the case. there is free space in the case (yah i did line the sides with that craft material padding) but the micro doesnt bounce around in there with the sponge pushing it in place.
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i've made this case yesterday :

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on a side note, i dont know what to cut the [edge lip of bottom] with.
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or wire cutters [sloppy]

or tin snips [sloppy]
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Question: is it a bad idea to try and use a drill for the hole if you've already attached the felt? I kinda did that by accident. I did leave a space for the hole, though.
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Well, I just sanded my altoid case for 2 hours! Now i just put some spray paint primer...then i will sand a bit more, then put on more primer, then some black spray paint...Mines gonna be silky smooth
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looking forward to see it!
How do you 'sand' a tin? with shed paper? (i don't know about this being a word, i translated it on freetranslation.com )
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You use sand paper? I just did it to get off all the paint, so the primer and paint would stick better
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Can anyone answer me this...

the serial number under the battery in the Zen Micro, is that also printed on anything else in the box?
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my altoids zen micro case!

i finally got an altoids tin case for my zen micro - i live in Singapore where altoids mints are very rare...

An external view of the casing with the wired remote.

A view of the hole I made using a hammer and screwdriver - looks quite ugly, dented and scratched cos i dun have a dremel.

An internal view. Notice the red ribbon used to pull the zen micro out of its casing cos it fits so snugly in it, so getting it out can be quite tricky. The zen micro wording was cut out from the cloth of the original pouch.

View of the padding material. I got it at a gifts shop for free - they used this sponge like material to protect the fragile items.

Rubber dics at the bottom of the casing to prevent it from sliding when placed on a flat surface. I removed the rubber from the bottom of a paperstand.

by the way, anyone has any ideas on how to make a diy earphone protective casing or something like that, should be effective and easy to made. cos i just bought the panasonic hje50 earphones and its wire is quite flimsy...
thanks for any help.
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