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Wow. nice thread, bookmarked it.
I'd say Mogwai: Young team or any of their other albums.
Also, Sigur Ros - Svefn-G-Englar is good.
Both are what may (very) loosely be called rock.
Jazz: John Coltrane - The Complete Africa Brass Sessions (1961)
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Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
The Who-Quadrophenia
Rolling Stones-Exile On Main Street
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Great thread.
here's a few I listen to often
The usual suspects, Sheffield labs ( several of their cd's ) studieo live recording. Various artist various styles.
Flim and the BB's This is a recording, Warner brothers. Fusion.
DMP music Catalog, Various artists various styles.
Genuine house rockin music 4, Alligator records. Various artist, blues.
Alligator records Aniversity collection. Various artist, blues.
Jennifer Warnes, The hunter.
BB King, Deuces wild, and Blues Summit. Blues.
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Newer Top picks

Some of my "newer" favorites are:

Switchfoot - The beautiful letdown (strong, bassy songs)
The Juliana Theory - Love (Amazing...more for the lyrics than sound presentation)
Dashboard Confessional - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (Smooth Acoustic)
Green Day - American Idiot (good vocals (imo) and lyrics)

Question: Are you like 16?
Answer: Yes, yes i am. (But im starting young... :] )

Sorry about your weekly grocery store paycheck? hahaha
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Wow, this thread rocks. I can finally "upgrade" my music collection aswell. I like the metaphorical use of your music collection being only a mere galaxy in the universe.

As for an album, since you like hiphop aswell.. anything from People Under The Stairs
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Jazz :

Quadro Nuevo - Mocca Flor

Very decent German Jazzband, and very audiophile recording. Especially with Mocca Flor, their most recent work of art.

http://www.quadronuevo.de/ If you can read some German.
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Originally Posted by bigshot
For Rock, I'd recommend... Donald Fagen "The Nightfly"
This is a cannot miss album. One of my personal favorites.

Check out Razorlight, good new band. Also the Junior Boys for some electronica goodness.
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Originally Posted by Luke
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
definately a great album. other reccomendations, katie melua, handsome boy modeling scool, easy star all stars.
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Originally Posted by JaZZ
Dutilleux - Complete Orchestral Works (Chandos, 4 CDs)
Thierry Escaich - Concerto pour Orgue (and other orchestral works)
Rochberg - Violin Concerto (Naxos)
Harbison - Symphony No.3 (and other orchestral works; Albany)
Harbison/Laderman - Works (New World Records)
Frank Martin - everything
Hadn't heard any of these and like the samples.
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Fiery Furnaces "Blueberry Boat" is really something else, every time i listen to it i hear something new, definitely helps curbing the upgrade-itus
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heres a link to a cd i just found through browsing through cdnow.com
it sounds ****ing amazing
ive ordered it but havent recieved it yet
its a 60's blues album from a guy named magic sam
one listen and i was hooked


cdnow.com is a sweet way to get 30 seconds of a preview to a song, so you dont have to waste money, and buying cds used is cheap too

currently listening to
elvis costello-my aim is true

let me know what you guys think of magic same
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Whoa, i need to get that, that album is like monumental, i think i might take a trip down to rolling stones tonight
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Be sure you have listened to the smooth, sultry voice of Diana Krall singing jazz as she plays the grand piano, with her trio.

The Look of Love
The Girl in the Other Room
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im guessin rolling stones is a cd store

and are you talkin about magic sam?
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Originally Posted by sundaysonmonday
im guessin rolling stones is a cd store

and are you talkin about magic sam?
Yes, rolling stones is an amazing cd store, so much tradition with cd's under 10, even new releases, tons of imports, lots of hard to find stuff (thanks bhd812!)

And yes, i need to check out the magic sam, what was the name of the album again?
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