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Over the past three months I have ordered and received a Beyer DT1350 and a Senn HD-25-1 ii both re-cabled with his IEM Silver Dragon wire and terminated with a Switchcraft mini-XLR connector.  In addition I purchase and received connectors to connect the headphone single ended and RSA balanced.  I also got a iBasso DB2 to RSA SR-71B connector.


I also have purchased the Fostex HP-P1 and an additional IEM Silver Dragon cable from Drew for my Westone 4r.  I highly recommend this cable for the 4r..opens the earphone up greatly making it exactly what I enjoy.  Thought the 4r was slightly warm(veiled) before now the imaging is where I want it and the precise articulate sound across all frequencies is handled very well.


Great service, fast shipping on all counts.


Items that I have purchased from Drew over the past few months:

1 Beyer DT1350 recabled with his IEM Silver Dragon wire terminated for his connector system

1 Senn HD-25-1 ii with his IEM Silver Dragon wire terminated for his connector system

1 Fostex HP-P1 amp/dac

1 IEM Silver Dragon SR-71B to iBass DB2 connector

1 Westone 4r IEM Silver Dragon cable terminated for his connector system


Connector system components:

2 - 1/8" singled ended 

2 - balance 

1 - 1/4" singled ended 



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I have recalled most of my headphones from Moon Audio & must say that all of Drew's Dragons breath fire! 

Silver for LCD-3s

Blue for HD800s

Black for K1000s & PS1000s 


Outstanding quality, both in terms of products & services. 

Very quick and succinct wink_face.gif in communication and a real pleasure to deal with

Fully & highly recommended.

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Sorry for the typo, I meant re-cabled smile.gif

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Just received a set of Black Dragon V2 cables for my HD 650's. All I can say is WOW. The difference right out of the bag between the stock cables and the BD's is stunning. I'm not sure what those people who say upgrade headphone cables are a waste of money are basing their opinions on but they clearly haven't heard these cables. If these really do get better with use I'll be even more dumbfounded. And to top it all off Drew answered every inquiry I made within minutes when I was deciding which cable to buy. Great service, great product. I am a happy customer.

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Though still novice, just two years ago when I was a complete noob and susceptible to being an absolute sucker; I wanted a single ended cable terminated in 4pin XLR to run with a balanced amp.  Drubrew steered me in the right direction saying this wouldn't work.  That day he didn't get my money but he earned my trust.  


A different "Member of Trade", known for making very expensive cables of whom I won't name however, clearly wanted my money and said he'd do it for over $300.


Dru is a man of his word, least he was for me.


It's long overdue but thank you Dru.

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