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I bought my RS1i headphones and more recently a Silver Dragon headphone cable for my LCD-2s from Moon Audio. The service has always been top notch! Highly recommended.

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Recently purchased DT880 balanced with Blue Dragon cable from Drew. The cable build quality is excellent as was the communication. Thanks!

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Just bough a Cary Xciter DAC from Drew at Moon Audio. This is my third purchase from Moon Audio and yet another smooth transaction with great customer support!


Highly recommended...thanks Drew! smile.gif

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Originally Posted by agile_one View Post

More kudos for Drew. He made me an adapter cable (HE90 -> Stax Pro) so I can use an Orpheus headphone with a Stax amp (or any amp with Stax Pro socket).

Pricing was very fair, communication excellent, and product of the best quality possible. Drew does great work, and is a pleasure to deal with. I had previously bought a Blue Dragon HD650 cable from him ((Moon Audio), and that deal was perfect as well.

Thanks for your sharing! It's good for reference.
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I first dealt with Drew years ago when cabling my secondary system. Everything went smoothly and quickly as with my subsequent transactions with him. Most recently, I picked up some stock for a few DIY headphone cable projects. Again, everything was quick and trouble free...a very good retailer.

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I finally bought the Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable system with interchangeable adapters for my LCD-2, to use with full-size and portable balanced amps, after kicking the tires for 6 months.  Drew shipped my custom order quickly but accidentally sent Blue Dragon cables which I didn't like as much as the Silver Dragon that I heard at RMAF.  Drew graciously paid for the return shipping and to ship the proper cables to me, and I received the new ones only a week after I shipped the Blue Dragon back.  The cables are beautifully made and sound great with my SR-71b and ZDT amps.  I would do business again with Drew, and just want to say thanks for a great product!

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Got my Silver Dragon V3 cables and SD V3 LOD from Moon Audio last week.  Superb cables! Drew was very helpful in both phone and email conversations.  Would definitely order from him again.

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Got a Silver dragon balanced cable for my Westones. Once again fantastic worksmanship, Really fast delivery. Thanks Drew!

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Bought a Cary Xciter DAC from Drew.  Went to NC on vacation, so had a chance to drop in on Moon Audio.  Drew was nice enough to let me listen to a variety of high-end headphones through a few sources and amplifiers.  He is a good communicator, and was extremely polite and courteous.  Transaction was quick and painless.  Thanks Drew!

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Thumbs up for Drew @ Moon Audio once again. got mine from Stage 93 (local supplier for Singapore) and loved the cable quality. Fantastic worksmanship indeed.

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Two thumbs up for Drew!!  His recommended DRAGON cables are excellent. 

Communication is quick and precise. Very graceful and accommodating.

Am not surprised at all, since this is my 3rd of 4th purchase. Great consistency in customer service!!

Very, I repeat very, highly recommended!!

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Just got a set of  silver dragon adapter cables for my IEM's. Another great job!

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Bought a few adapter cables recently and the quality of workmanship is just superb.

As always, communicated promptly and shipped very, very quickly.

Drew is a great guy to deal with and I will keep buying from him.


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Just purchased a Silver Dragon cable for my JH-13's.  It shipped out the day after I ordered it.  It is well constructed and sounds great.  Just a great vendor to do business with.

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Purchased a 2x 3pin XLR to 1/4" Cardas Stereo adapter from Drew...yet another flawless transaction from Moon Audio. Thanks! smile.gif

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