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got my K501s re-cabled in Blue Dragon by Drew. prompt responses from email and a fantastic re-cabling job! not to mention the insanely fast return shipping! stellar! couldn't ask for more. a pleasure doing business! cheers!
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Great Experience with Drew

Purchased my Stax SR-303's from Drew. Great communication by phone and email. I also appreciate his layed back approach - very easy to work with. I even purchased a special order connector (Drew had to get it from an outside source), was not pleased with the quality, and Drew took it back no questions asked and refunded the full price of the connector. Just super customer service!
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I asked Drew to shorten a stock HD650 cable and reterminate in a 1/8'' plug. Received cable promptly and am very happy with the new cable.

Highly recommended! Thanks Drew.
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Purchased a Blue Dragon AC cord from Drew, item arrived quickly. I am very pleased with it. I look forward to buying ICs from Drew in the near future!

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Drew had my rs1's recabled with silver dragon cable. He was very easy to get in contact with, gave me a good expectation of the wait time, and provided a perfect job as promised. He's a cool guy, and it's always a pleasure to deal with him. Thanks.
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Great guy, Great service

I bought a set of Stax SR-404 Lambda Signatures from Drew, who was selling them on behalf of a friend. The communication was excellent, the headphones are exactly as stated (also excellent ) and Drew kindly worked with me to get them across to Australia. Thanks for all the good work, Drew.
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Great Cable-maker

Bought my third set of cables from Drew at Moon Audio--he'd modded my Beyer 880s with silver dragon cable, had a Blue Dragon and now a new Silver Dragon for my portable v-cap/Imod setup--and as usual, prompt delivery, excellent service and fantastic product.

What else can i say?? Happy as ever with Moon and Drew and his company
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I have bought some AKG k-701 headphones, 2 Black Dragon headphone cables, one Cardas headphone cable, and one black dragon power cable, plus some Cardas RCA-balanced adapters from Moon Audio. Drew provides fast servive. He is a good communicator. And his products are outstanding. If the buyer is not satisfied he goes out of his way to fix the problem. This is a first-class company.
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I'm a little late doing this -- I thought I already had. I wrote to Drew asking about a cable upgrade for my Ultrasone 900's, thinking I ought to go with the copper-based dragon cable (Black Dragon, I think). He recommended Cardas instead, and I went for it, getting a length reduction and 90 degree miniplug. Drew was dead on that the Cardas would tame the ultrabright Ultrasones, and they are so much more than I had hoped for now. It would surely have been easier for Drew to just sell me what I asked for, but he went the extra mile and I am very grateful.

I look forward to more business in future with Moon-Audio and I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone else.
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I can't believe I haven't posted here yet: Drew is the best. He has done so many things for me I can't even remember them all ... and always on time, and with excellent communications.

1. Re-cabled/balanced Ultrasone Pro 750s
2. Recommended and sold me a great portable set-up (based on the iQube).
3. Repaired and Re-cabled Sextetts
4. Special Stax and Orpheus adapters, like the OP, plus many other adapters
5. Balanced Senn cables
6. Special interconnects to solve a balanced cabling problem
7. Modded MAudio 192 board

and more I'm sure.
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I've just moved this thread to the Member of Trade (Vendor) Feedback forum and have modified the thread title to include Moon Audio in the description for ease of identification.

It's funny, because apparently I started this thread before becoming a moderator, and also before a specific sub-forum was created for vendor feedback. This is where I would have put it at that time if I could have!
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I contacted Drew about recabling my W5000 in a balanced configuration. He suggested the Black Dragon for this headphone.

Very easy dealing with him, turn around was very quick.

Very nicely done, professional job.

Balancing, with the Black Dragon, the W5000 is a totally different animal.

The thinness and "light weight" aspect of the original is gone.

Easy to recommend.
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drew has recabled a number of headphones for me. always a great job with prompt service. highly recommend.
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I bought a pair of Ultrasone Edition 8 from Drew @ Moon Audio. Any questions i had were very promptly answered  via pm and he shipped very qucikly after i paid.


Shipping was only a few days to the UK and they were very well packaged.


Would happily buy from him again




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Just bought a pair of Berdynamic DT 880's from Drew which he re-cabled with a black dragon. Once again fantastic communication and quick turnaround. This is probably my fourth or fifth purchase and the same quality every time. Thanks Drew!

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