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Drubrew (Moon Audio)

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Drew (from Moon Audio) made some customized adaptor cables for me that I've really appreciated. One allows me to use the Omega II's with the HEV90 amp, and the other allows me to use the HE90's with the Egmont Reference amp. The workmanship was flawless and communication was excellent.

I'm not sure what head-fi's rules are for leaving feedback for a member who is also a manufacturer, but in this particular transaction, Drew went out of his way to help me by making some cables that are not not part of his normal product line. (If the mods feel this thread does not belong in the feedback forum and choose to remove it, I won't be offended, but this kind of service is definitely noteworthy and should be posted somewhere.)
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More kudos for Drew. He made me an adapter cable (HE90 -> Stax Pro) so I can use an Orpheus headphone with a Stax amp (or any amp with Stax Pro socket).

Pricing was very fair, communication excellent, and product of the best quality possible. Drew does great work, and is a pleasure to deal with. I had previously bought a Blue Dragon HD650 cable from him ((Moon Audio), and that deal was perfect as well.
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Drew (Moon Audio) made an HE90 to Stax amp adapter for me for the August 6th San Jose meet. The adapter is not only professional looking, it was also shipped in time for the meet. Excellent vendor.

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Bought a pair of RS-1's from Drew. Arrived very well packaged, and exactly as described. Would not hesitate to do business with again!
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Sold him an excess S/PDIF board from a group buy. No hassle, just as it should be. Thanks

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Drew made a custom Ipod pocketdock to rca cable for me. Arrived quickly, first-rate craftsmanship. Can't wait for this cable to fully burn-in so I can see the most this little portable is capable of. Now I'll be able to find out.

A tribute to audiophiles and head-fiers alike.

Many thanks.
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Drew made me a custom Black Dragon cable, so I can use AKG K1000's with my Grace M902 headphone amp. Great service and workmanship.

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Wow, I didn't notice Drew had a feedback thread

I purchased a Blue Dragon V2 Senn cable from him earlier this year. He was always prompt to respond to questions, and shipped it immediately. It arrived very well packaged, and was one fine sounding cable.
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I salute Drew @ Moon Audio

I salute Drew at Moon Audio,He made a 1/4 to 1/8 Blue Dragon headphone cord adapter for my Blue Dragon Headphone cord. The build quality is Fantastic and shipment was lightning fast. drew is top notch!

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I just received a pair of SR325i from Drew in "demo" (read - perfect) condition. Good communication, fast shipping, fair price - I would definitely buy from Moon Audio again.
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I purchased a Black Dragon RA Mini To Mini cable from Drew. He does great work. Shipped it fast and it sounds wonderful. He now has a loyal customer in me.
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I bought a balanced Black Dragon GS-1000 from Drew.
WOW....what a beautiful toy it is. The transaction with Drew was so smooth.
I'll keep an excellent impression from the whole experience.

I wont hesitate to do it again. Many thanks.


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Bought a pair of SR325i from Drew. Came nicely packed and quick (I'm in Canada)! Would not hesitate to deal with Drew again. Thanks!
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I just received custom reterminated Red Dawn interconnects from Drew. The transaction went smoothly and the cables were nicely packed. Will never hesitate dealing with this guy again.
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Grado SR60s

Drew (via Moon Audio) sold me a brand new pair of Grado SR60s with the cable cut to 40" per request. I also ordered some bowl pads.

He shipped the order in a timely manner and was very quick to respond to my emails. The cable cut was perfect and these SR60s are quite portable, now!

Thanks, Drew.
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