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Bought a black Turbodock off Turbo. Everthing went smoothly with our transaction I'm and quite satisfied with the connector. Well built and does the job as ordered.
Thanks Turbo
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I bought a black turbodock II and a red mini-to-mini cable. The combination sounds great with my 5g iPod. The transaction was very smooth with great communication. Great Head-fier.
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Got my black Turbodock II and wow! What a well made product, I have to admit it is better than I expected! Highly recommended! Thanks TURBO!
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One more voice to the chorus

My black TurboDOCK II, quite simply, rocks. Smooth like silk transaction and remarkably quick delivery. It even arrived on my birthday.
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Anyone have an email addy for TURBO?

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Nevermind, he contacted me.
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Ordered black (special) edition, too.
Excellent build quality and Eric's a reputable person to deal with.

I'll order my cables from him when I need them and I've recommended his turbodocks to my friends with iPods.
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oops, double post.
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Bought a TurboDock II from Turbo. Easy transaction and it arrive just as expected. Would buy again!
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Bought a TurboDock2 and I'm loving it. It fits with my Contour Showcase for my 4G Ipod whereas the PocketDock didn't! That rocks cuz I love my case.

And the sound is awesome too.

Tks Turbo
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bought a white turbodockII. Smooth transaction. Great head-fier. thanks.
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Bought a Turbodock II. Smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
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Gotta join in with the accolades for Turbo. Got my Turbodock II a couple of weeks ago after a mere one week wait. The cable is perfect, looks professional, and sounds dynamite! I got a very short minicable on mine so I can lay my Nano right on top of my portable amp. It's perfect and I so admire Turbo's craftsmanship. Thanks again!
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