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I bought a TurboDock II communication was good and the product is great. the locking tabs make this worth every penny compared to the pocketdock.
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I bought a Turbodock II and an orange mini-to-mini interconnect.
Professional quality builds.
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I bought the Turbodock II and the interconnection mini to mini cable from Turbo. Truely a satisfiing experience! Pairs fairly well with my IPOD 5G and SM3, pushing IPOD's strength to another level! Turbo Rocks!
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I purchased a turbodock II and I am very pleased with the transaction.
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I bought two black TURBOdocks and two right-angle mini cables. They look great and work very well with my iPod and portable amp.
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Originally Posted by Elephas
I bought two black TURBOdocks and two right-angle mini cables. They look great and work very well with my iPod and portable amp.
He made black ones too?? Doh!
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Black TURBOdock II

I bought a black TURBOdockII from Turbo, it got here quicker than I expected, built quality is awesome. Great communication.

Thanks TURBO
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Black TurboDock II & Black Cable

Bought both - great communications at time of buy and prior to shipping, prompt responses, on-time delivery and great build and quality of materials.

Before my purchase I did not believe that cables make a difference (I still have my doubts :-)) but the sound produced and build of his cables on initial usage is outstanding... and is making me a believer!

Highly recommended and would buy from him again. Thanks!
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I bought a TURBOdock II and have been very happy with his work. He got it built and shipped out to me faster than I expected and was very quick with responses too. Great seller.
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Great Head-Fier

Turbo sold me a TurboDock special edition (black). Beautiful craftsmanship, sounds wonderful, great communication, fast shipping. I also have 5" and 7" mini to mini IC's made by TURBO (bought from a fellow head-fier). They are of incredible build quality and also sound wonderful. I would (and probably will) buy/sell/trade with TURBO again. Thanks Turbo!
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Just purchased a TurboDock II and it was shipped earlier then expected with great build quality. Very nice product that I would recommend to others.
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Just got my turbodock II and a mini to mini cable and headphone cable that Turbo built for me. Everything is of high quality and sounds great at very reasonable prices. Thanks for the great work.
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I just received my Turbodock II (black) and a 6" mini to mini with an awesome neon green techflex jacket. I can not beleive the difference in sound from my nano to my PA2V2 and grado cans.

I highly recomend Turbo and his products, there are of the utmost quality. Turbo is quick in communication, production and shipping.
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Recently snatched a black turbodock II and fluorescent orange mini-to-mini cable (to match my tasteful wardrobe) from one Turbo. Communication remained consistently swift and on-point; the items were confected rapidamente and shipped immediately after. Everything looks delicious and works quite well; I haven't had the chance to test the dock extensively, as the test 5G is elsewhere, but will do so soon (review of setup with Hornet forthcoming). The cable is sweet; I've been using it instead of a zu pivot and for the moment seem to prefer it.

Would transact again with Herr Turb faster than you can ejaculate "nepommesopotamiabitivoyeuropulentlintopudenaesopo temkindertotenluggage."
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Bought a white turbodock and mini and mini connector (one right angled and one straight plug) - all items were supplied and shipped promptly and in great condition. They also are very easy to use and sound excellent.

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