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I just received my TURBOdock II and mini to mini cable. Communication with Turbo was great & the product is outstanding. I am shocked at the difference. Excellent.
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Received a nice TD-II and Interconnect from TURBO. Thank you very much for a pleasant transaction. Quality products.
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I bought one of his docks from him. The communication was great and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks!
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Another happy customer....

Received my TurboDock II and mini-cable today. Great product and quick communication; thanks, Turbo!
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TurboDock II arrived this morning and the improvement in sound from the "line-out" is easily evident even using a modest Cmoy style amp. Buld quality seems excellent and its small enough that I expect it will be removed only for charging and loading new tunes. Very satisfied and using USPS the cost to the UK is only a few more $'s than to the US mainland (many US suppliers seem to charge way over the odds for overseas postage)

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Received my new TURBOdock II today. I love it! It's so much better than my Pocketdock. :x

Excellent product, professional seller. Thanks so much!
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The TurboDock II arrived in Germany very promptly after ordering and the product lifts the iPod to a whole new level of SQ. More than any high end cable ever did. Nominated for "Product of the Year" in my book! Cheers Matthias
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Turbodock II and Turbo mini to mini cable

I received my Turbodock II and Turbo mini-cable one week after placing my order. The Turbodock II attaches solidly to my ipod mini, and the mini-cable attaches securely to the Turbodock II. It arrived securely packaged and in excellent condition. Turbo was prompt, courteous and helpful. I would definitely buy from him again.
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I bought a "Limited Edition" Black turbodock to go with my Black iPod. This turbodock has a very professional fit and finished look to it. Sounds great, looks great, very small, what more can you ask for? Nothing, thats what. Don't hesitate to get one of these if your in the market. TURBO is very easy to deal with and he even offered to exchange my product for the even smaller Turbodock II if this version did not fit through my iPod case. Very accommodating gentleman, Thanks TURBO!!!
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I bought a Turbodock ][ and mini->mini cable, both are great. Thanks!
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I got two turbodockIIs and am delighted with the product and the excellent service Eric provides. His extremely prompt and courteous email support along the way was very cool indeed! thanks man.
- walk
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Purchased TurboDock II and mini-cable

Anticipation-to-satisfaction ratio was excellent. The Turbodock II locks firmly to the the connector. The mini cable is very affordable and has performed excellent. Be sure to think through the actual length of the mini-cable, since the TurboDock II and mini plug protrude a fair bit from the rear of the iPod.

From a quality of sound perspective, this has been the least expensive improvement I have made.
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I ordered a turbodock from TURBO. It arrived so fast I had no idea what the package was. He is a great businessman.
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I bought a "new in open box" pair of Ultrasone Proline 650's from Dollaboy. Simple, easy transaction via PayPal. Got them via overnight shipping. Great cans, perfect condition as expected. Would gladly buy from again.

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I bought a turbodock and blue mini-mini cable from Turbo. Communication was excellent and the product is even better. An absolute pleasure.
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