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Turbodock II arrived this morning and really love the new look! Great guy to deal with. Thanks again Eric!
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Almost forgot to post feedback! Received Turbodock II and mini-mini cable from Turbo. Nice workmanship and packed real well. Thanks again.
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Received my TBD II this morning. Very well packed and the service was excellent! Will do business with him again for sure!

Thx Turbo!!!
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I Bought A Turbo Dock II,IT's GREAT!!!

I just received my Turbo Dock II from Turbo,FANTASTIC product,locks on stays on in my small bag,sounds great,wonderful build quality! This is a TOP NOTCH product! a must own,AAA++++ all the way. Great communication,fast shipment after payment sent. Turbo is a stand up dude!

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Sorry for the late feedback. Another satisfied customer here. I purshased a TURBOdock II and mini-mini cable which I love. Thanks Eric for the quality service!
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I bought the TurboDock II and it's amazing. Great quality parts and service was top notch! Fast shipping too!

:thumbs up:
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TurboDock II looks so tiny compared to the PocketDock. Very nice looking part. Original shipment got lost in the mail so Turbo sent me another one. Great packing job.

Edit: the original shipment was returned to Turbo by the post office because my address was deemed invalid . The second one arrived fine using the same address. Go figure.
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Bought Turbodock II & mini-mini

Received Turbodock II and mini-mini cable from Turbo. Nice workmanship and packed real well.

Allows me to keep my Ipos safe in its aluminium case now as the TurboDock fits where a PocketDock does not.

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I purchased TURBODOCK II and mini to mini cable from TURBO.

Good comunication and smooth shipping.
His products is great too
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I recieved a TURBOdock II today, and I am truly floored at the difference it made in my listening experience.

TURBO was very friendly via e-mail, sent out the dock quickly and packaged the dock very well. What more can I ask for?

Thanks TURBO!
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Thumbs up for Turbo! I have bought a Turbodock from him and transaction was excellent. Thanks a lot to a great Head-fier for building a great accessory as well!
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I purchased a TURBOdock II...works great
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I purchased a TURBOdock II from TURBO. The transaction was excellent with great communication and fast shipping. Great head-fier. A+
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Another Turbo Dock II receipiant. Transaction was smooth .
A very happy camper here.

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Like many others, I too purchased a TURBODock II from TURBO, and let me tell you it was one of the best investments I've made. The difference in SQ going from the Pocketdock to the TURBOdock II is amazing and not slight. Adding the locks to keep it in place (as opposed to the loose Pocketdock) is also invaluable. It arrived perfectly packaged and on schedule. TURBO is a true asset to Headfi...Highly Recommended!
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