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Yet another satisfied TURBO customer here! Very responsive to emails, and great product!

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Yet another satisfied TURBO customer here! Very responsive to emails, and great product!

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I bought 2 cables from him.

Good finish and sound great

Good packing.
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Thanks TURBO!

I bought a Diablo V from TURBO. Very responsive and helpful answering all my questions. Very smooth transaction. Quick delivery. 1 week to Western Canada. Would definitly do business with him again.
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ipod dock

i bought an ipod dock from Turbo, who is a very nice person to deal with. i will recommend every one who own an ipod to purchase a Turbo dock!
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Just recieved the TURBODock.
Super fast and easy transaction, and it arrived promptly to Japan.
Thanks Turbo.
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Another satisfied TURBO customer. I got the black Turbodock V and like it a lot. Pleasure to deal with the man.
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bought a turbodock V & mini-mini cable... great seller & would definitely buy again when needed ... his products have made my listening experience a pleasure

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I bought a Turbo Diabolous V from TURBO (Eric) this week and it, after comparison testing, has just replaced my entry-level ALO line-out dock. What does it do better than the ALO? It increased the inherently small Grado soundstage considerably in my transportable rig (SR60's + Nano + V5 Go-Vibe). Anybody who owns Grados knows this is no small feat! Plus, Eric's cable is nicer-looking (remember, I'm comparing it to comparitively-priced entry-level ALO cables) and more flexible. Thanks, Eric, for building such a great product - for such a great price ($50USD)!!! zD
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I purchased a white Turbo Dock V connector and received it today. I'm very happy with the purchase and would recommend this seller highly.
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Got a basic TurboDock from him. Arrived really quickly and sounds terrific, I would most definitely do business with him again.
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Bought a Turbodock V and it shipped REALLY fast and works great! Got it about 3-4 days earlier than I expected.

Great with communication and questions, real pleasure to deal with.

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TURBO 's Aftersale Customer Service is Superb !

I had a slight problem , but Turbo's after sale customer service did a super job of taking care of me quickly and efficiently. I really like this guy and I LOVE his products!!!! THANK YOU TURBO !
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Turbo Dock V

Just bought one of his dock connectors. Superb build quality, and fast shipping. Thanks for such a great product. Definitely an asset to the Head-fi community!
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Turbodock V bought in black, looks great. Shipped to the UK with no price hike and here in a week. Excellent service.

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