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bought a turbo limited edition white mini to mini IC from turbo. Good communication and quality work. will do business again for turbo dock!
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TURBOdock II...yow! Arrived in about a week, works like a charm, and makes my iPod sound a helluva lot better. Great product.
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TURBOdock III + mini-to-mini cable

Bought a TURBOdock III and mini-to-mini cable from TURBO. Great price, great quality, great communication. Nicely packed.

NICE TRANSACTION! Highly recommended!
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Bought a TurboDock III from Turbo. As always great communication and great products. It is really good to see the continuous improvements he is making to his products. A+

I hope I can hang onto this one a little longer!
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I bought a Turbodock III off Turbo, but after realizing I won't need it for its purpose, Turbo graciously offered to give me a full refund.

Definately great customer service, don't hesitate to purchase from him!
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Ordered and paid for a TURBOdock II from TURBO in mid-March, but due to a mailing snafu (not TURBO's fault) it got lost in the mail. I failed to notify him in a timely manner, but when I finally did, he was gracious and patient enough to send me a TURBOdock III. Awesome customer service, his product is excellent, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

(Edited for spelling errors).
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I bought a Turbo III mini-to-mini IC. Awesome quality & fast shipping. Very smooth transaction.
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Bought a Turbodock III from Turbo. Very pleasant transaction with flawless communication throughout the deal.

Highly recommended.
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Bought a turbodock III from Turbo. Excellent communications and build quality of product is excellent. Certainly does improve the sound of your ipod. Would not hesitate to do business again with him.
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I purchased a TD-III from TURBO as well. Looks and works great! TURBO is always responsive and courteous.
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I also own 2 ALO Silver Docks. I prefer using your TURBOdock 1V : the sound of it , the feel of your mechanical lock connecting into the ipod, and the convenience of being able to leave the RCA> Mini cable in one system , having only to disconnect the more accessible Turbodock and attach it to the Mini>RCA cable in another system. Brovo Turbo! Thank You!
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I purchased the Turbodock IV and it sounds great, an all-around smooth transaction, fast shipping, and helpful communication.
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Bought a TurboDock V and a Turbo mini-to-mini from TURBO.
Great Communication and overall handling!
Both thumbs up
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Bought a TURBOdock V and mini-mini. He always responded within hours to my PM's and my order arrived very quickly and exactly as I wanted, thanks
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I bought TURBOdock and mini to mini cable. Great works and excellent communication. He is a great man to deal with. Thank you TURBO!
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