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New version of Koss "The Plug"?

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I went to my local best Buy today and wandered over to the headphone section to look for earbuds. I noticed they had Koss's "The Plug" thre. I looked at the package and noticed it came with different ear pads. They werent just different sized ones either...some were different shapes...more cylindrical. Is this how they have always been? Or have they revised the product so it might sound better and fit in ones ear more snuggly? Thanks.
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Maybe they did revise the design of the foamies, but the originals sound like crap. No highs, boomy, sounds like most other $10 headphones, only worse. At least in my ears. Don't bother with them, particularly where you can get the KSC-50s for $5 less. And the Plug used to be $15, they seemed to raise the price with the addition of the colors. Perhaps they did change the design.
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You know what? I hate apple computers because of this. Ever since the imac was out, companies now charge extra for electronics just because they are pretty colors and not because they are better at what they are designed to do. OK, short rant is over.
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I saw some Koss Plugs at Kmart, yesterday. And they had black pads, not the yellow/purple things....i shoulda bought em. Oh well - i got the gladiator soundtrack and wish you were here (PF).
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