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What about the Little Dot Micro+ ?
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Go-Vibe 5 info...

The current Go-Vibe 5 web site:

New Go-Vibe Site

iPod Studio review

iPod Studio Go-Vibe 5 Photos
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i've cleaned up the original post's info quite a bit. you can find it here.

if a moderator wants to use it, please feel free.

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Here's the only high quality amp I know of which is available (and made) in the UK - the Canford Battery Headphone Amplifier Mk 2, £164, which is $310 or so. http://www.canford.co.uk/commerce/pr...oductid=20-287
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Core Sound's HeadLine

We announced HeadLine at the AES conference in San Francisco this past week. Perhaps readers here would be interested in it:

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mSEED LABS Faith amp

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the lambda is now 150
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Price Update

Originally Posted by adam917 View Post
Are the Boostaroos on this list? www.boostaroo.com

The older version costs 24.95 USD + P&P & the new one that uses AAA batteries and 'improves' MP3 playback costs 79.95 USD + P&P.

I have mine since early 2004 and it's still working well...

The new unit is down to $49.99 on the Boostaroo.com site now.
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The first post needs one hell of an update....at least half the links are dead.
No matter the browser used.
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Am I posting right to get a reply?
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I know I've been out of touch for a few years so bear with me when I ask "what ever happened to the PPA"? This was supposed to be one hell of an amp during the design stage and my plans were to purchase one, or should I say get in line for, but of course I couldn't wait so I bought a meta from Lou, (howdy Lou, long time no see) built by JMT which I still own to this day and remains my favorite portable. I bought and sold several other brands/models to try out but JMT's continually reigned supreme with my setup.
Anyway I'm rambling,,,, will someone kindly bring me up to date on the PPA, please.
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portability is my main piority, but also quality (obviously) so i'm willing to pay over $150-ish range.

But been reading about the Xtra X-1, and they say that's a good entry amp for portability and price, however you do need to tweak it somewhat.

i'm new, so i was thinking of going with the newb friendly iBasso T2, but it hasn't been properly reviewed by SkyLab yet.

He reviewed the mSeed Spirit Amp very highly, but it's abit big for me to hold that in my back pocket as I fly alot, and my hand lugguage is too big to fit under the front seat so i tend to keep all my audio stuff on myself, same goes for the Go-Vibe 6m.

So I'm eyeing the new Minibox-D and E.

Those look like good portable Amps, and the review has been positive so far.

If anyone is interested i found that Chinese Ebay user who does the Xtra-1 and other amps, heard you can deal with him/her the traditional chinese way, and haggle the price down.

Since i kinda need to get stuff fast before i fly out (two weeks left!)

I'm giving the Minibox-E a go, and knock off $50, and sacrifice for no warranty.

The small footprint which rivals the iBasso and the Xin Supermini/Micro hopefully whould be friendly on my pockets. wish me luck on my haggling!

Edit: Just like to say I hate you guys.
I'm already $110 poorer and with a new minibox-E amp, and now i'm eyeing up the Storm STB4 Amp.....curse yooooou Head-fi!
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Geez, no one posts here and there are no updates. Who maintains this? Go-vibe 7, D1 yada, yada, yada. . .
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