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the er4p and er4s use the same transducers, the only difference being resistors in the pod of the cable. the adapter adds extra impedance to the er4p so that it sounds like the er4s.
Hmm, if it's that easy to make an S model out of the P model,
why would anyone want to buy the er4S ?

I mean you could just get the p and an amp with the right
output imp, and you got yourself an s model.
and if you don't have an amp, you can still enjoy the P sound.
Sounds like a deal where you can't lose.

I'll have this in mind should I ever consider buying a pair of Etys...


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There are a lot of users out there that wouldn't even consider using a portable CD player - they simply want the best headphone sound out of their home rigs - the Ety ER4S fits that bill quite nicely.

You are quite right though - for many users there simply isn't an alternative - get the ER4P's and the adaptor cable - best of both worlds then!

BTW - I have the ER4P's and cable - I love their sound in both modes!
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