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What is the most expensive component in your system?

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(Did a quick search, didn't find this poll)

Anyways, what's the most expensive component in your headphone rig that you paid for (jude...)?

I just realized that my amplifier was today and found that interestning (MG Head).
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Most expensive component for me is Headroom's Max amp.
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Well when I make up my mind between the MGHead, supreme, and Corda, my most expensive component will be my amp.
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My Wheatfield HA-1 is my most-expensive component since I bought it new; otherwise, my headphones would take the cake.
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Easy question
My DCT-1 which is worth $4500.
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Scarily (I think I must've got naff equipment!!), my most expensive piece of equipment is my D777 Discman


D777 Discman : 68.75% of cost
Grado SR125s : 31.25% of cost


Marantz CD63se : 43.75% of cost
MF X-Cans V2 : 18.75% of cost
Senn HD580s : 25% of cost
Audioquest cable : 12.5% of cost
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Voted other because the most expensive component in my system are actually amy speakers- vintage Infinity Column II.
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Headphone system - Amp - Sugden Headmaster

Speaker system - Amps - 4 Bryston amps + 1 Bryston electronic crossover
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I would have added two more categories: speakers and music, because those are the two most expensive components in my system.

Office system: Acurus RL11 preamp (though others are close)
Home system: Aerial 10T speakers

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My headphone system is worth a hell of a lot more than what I paid for it. But, I paid $299 for my Grado RA-1 Amp. So somehow, that's it
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My 888s are the most expensive component, at full retail value. LOL! earbuds costing more than ICs, source, amp - and these aren't even etys!

And my 495s....whenever i get them.....will be even more expensive.....
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My $4000 Sony MDR-R10s.
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Vertigo, you didn't pay that much...

And as for the speaker thing, I said in my first post, the most expensive in your headphone rig... maybe I should have put that on the title of the poll...

And I don't think music is considered part of the rig, at least, what I was going at.
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Are we talking about what we paid for them, or what the MSRP is?

My THX DVD player is my single most expensive componet so far.
Pioneer Elite DV-05: MSRP - $1000
I Paid - $499 (Tweeter Wise-buy)

Although now that I think about it, my THX surround speakers are pretty expensive too.
Atlantic Technology Series 454 Surrounds: MSRP - $1000
I Paid - $400 (e-bay)

Excluding the source (I haven't really thought about it much yet, probably either the DVD player for now or maybe a Denon 370 in the near future), my headphones are the most expensive.
Sennheiser HD600: MSRP - $449
I Paid - $220 (Jan Meier)

The rest of my headphone rig (which doesn't really exist yet) will soon be Blr's Creek OBH-11 with OBH-2 Power Supply, Grado SR-60, and IXOS Gamma Audition Interconnect which only cost me $200 total.

It looks like I've been doing a pretty good job getting my money's worth with my audio equipment so far. I've chosen to omit not so well-thought-out purchases such as my Bose 301 speakers.
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I think the single most expensive thing I have is my Manley Stingray amp (I have spent more on amps than on anything else, need to look into selling off some of them)...

Of my headphone rig, it's still the amp (AudioValve RKV Mk III).
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