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Sennheiser MX400

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I found a pair of MX400's at Radioshack last weekend and I was surprised since the only other decent can they carry is the Koss Sportapro. Since the mx400 was only $24.99 Cnd. I picked up a pair. When I put them in I could hear music out of the right earphone but the left didn't seem to fit and kept cutting in and out. I ended up thinking that they were defective and the left channel was screwed up but it was just that they didn't fit in my ear at all so the sound kept going weird. It's hard to describe but it just didn't work at all. I had to return them. I was kind of disappointed.

I use my Sony EX70's all the time and they fit perfect. Also I tried a pair of stock Sony earbuds to wear in my bike helmet on a long trip cause the ex70's didn't fit in there very good and the stock Sony's also didn't fit. It seems like the only ones that work for me are the EX70's.

Also what music I could hear from the MX400's didn't sound too impressive but I couldn't get a good listen so it's hard to tell. They seemed too bass heavy this is coming from someone who likes the Sony EX70's and Koss Sportapro.

Just thought I'd let people know, don't throw out the receipt before trying them they might not fit you.
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I own the MX500, which is the same thing as MX400 but with a inline volume control. I cann't use it though because the left earbud keeps falling off my ear. I cann't return them since I have thrown away the receipt!!

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It was the left earbud that wouldn't go into my ear too. It was the worst fitting earbud I've ever tried. I can't even imagine it working for most people.
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Same here, always with the left earbud...hmmm....maybe we all have bigger right ears?
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Oh man, you guys too? Yep, left earbud giving problems!

And if the MX400s are bass heavy, the MX500s are nothing like them.
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they have sennheisers at rat shack?

i can't seem to find them at the rat smack website.
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only in Canada my friend, only in Canada.

ratshack.ca also has the Panasonics 570, 580, 780, and the
And some Sony portables as well.

Seems like they're pursuing a different startegy in Canada
than in the US


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about time you guys in Canada get a break
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