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hi dwinarto bought some sennheiser pads and flat pads off me in the group buy i organised at the end of last year. top guy!
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Silver Dragon Cable

Sold Zorander a Silver Dragon cable for HD*** headphones. Payment was received immediately and transaction was very smooth.

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I bought a grado extension cable from him. The cable arrived nicely packaged and in great condition. Communication was very good throughout the transaction. Highly recommended!
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I sold my HD650's to Zorander. He paid fast and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks
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Purchased a pair of HD-580s from Zorander. Fast and smooth transaction. He was a pleasure to deal with.
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oops, forgot to post this...
I sold him a headphile cable, and he was very friendly and kept up with good communication. Everything went just fine, I would trade with him anytime again.
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I purchased a set of HD570s and couldn't be happier. Smooth and easy trade. I'd recommend him as a seller
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i sold a pair of alessandro ms2 to dwinarto a short while ago. he is a great head-fier that's easy to deal and communicate with. highly recommended!
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I bought Zorander's Silver Dragon cable and it arrived this week from Oz intact and sounding pretty darn good as I type. Nice guy to deal with, and a complete breeze of a transaction. Highly recommended!
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Zorander purchased my AKG K601 headphones. Very good correspondence via PM, and easy to work with! What a nice transaction...enjoy the phones Zorander
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I purchased a pair of Grado SR-80s off Zorander. The phones are great. He was quick to respond to any queries I had and very honest to deal with. Also quick to post. Very pleased with the transaction, he gets my recommedation.

Thanx Zorander

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Sold some DIMM PC3200 Corsair to fast payment! extremely easy to deal with. We need more buyer like Zorander on the forum

Pleasure to deal with....
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Sold a Neutrik 1/4in Stereo Jack Plug to Zorander, quick payment good communication. Smooth Transaction great buyer
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Great deal with Zorander

Bought Headfive Amp #500 from Zorander. Great guy, quick response, excellent package skill (it took me 10 minutes to open it!). Really happy to find someone in Australia to buy/sell stuff.
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Sold a Graham Slee amp to Zorander. Good communication and fast payment, a real class act all the way.

Recommended without hesitation.
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