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Quick Impressions Cardas Senn 600 Cable

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Well I have the 100hrs break-in on cable, and can report some initial impressions. Check my profile and web page for equipment list of main rig. I will not address the physical properties other than as far as stiffness Cardas is half way between Clou and stock cable, so if Clou stifness bothers you this is an improvement. Personally this is not a big deal for me.

Also if you checked my pictures posted you noticed the smurf blue color of the Cardas as well as sweet looking 1/4 phono plug.

Cut to the chase, Cardas is an improvement over Clou but it is a mixed bag and Clou still superior in some respects. In the frequency extremes high treble/low bass the Clou provides more
extension creating an overall more dynamic, energetic sound, this probably has to do with silver plated copper used in Clou vs all copper Cardas. So I rate Clou slightly superior at frequency extremes.

However the middle 75% of listening range the Cardas shows its colors and outclasses the Clou. The cable captures subtle details
that elude the Clou as well as sounding subjectively more 3D, overall a slightly more relaxed sound typical of a good copper cable. Max owners will really like the Cardas coupled with Headroom crossfeed, very nice massive soundstage presentation, very impressive. The cymbal splashes have nice decay and shimmer, but lack some of the sparkle/bite of the Clou.

If you think the Clou sounds bight/splashy now then I'm sure the Cardas will sound great for your musical preferences, if you think the Clou sounds fine now the Cardas may sound a bit relaxed, less energetic.

So to quickly sum up, I will use the Cardas as my everday cable with Senn 600 because of better midrange and 3D performance, but wish it had slightly more extension at the frequency extremes like the Clou.

I will post any follow-up impressions as more CDs are played. Also
keep in mind it is impossible for anyone to glean anything other than very general impressions from any member because of different personal preferences and audio systems.
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At last... a post that doesn't make me want to hang myself with my Clou Blue.
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Nice, objective review DarkAngel. I've been considering upgrading my stock HD600 cable and this may be just the push I needed.
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Originally posted by Nick Dangerous
At last... a post that doesn't make me want to hang myself with my Clou Blue.
or me with my Reds...
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hehehe...i've got clou reds on the way. For nearly half the price of the cardas, I couldn't resist.
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I take it that you find the clous more "punchy"?
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I agree with all of Darkangel's comments about the sound of the Cardas cable. But I must admit I came to a different conclusion. IMO the Cardas really pushes the HD-600 to the limits of what it does well. Bass is tight, and the high end is extended. The sound is very relaxed and defined.

The Clou does indeed perform better at the extremes, IMO, but that seems to lead to a confused sound. Rather than pushing the Senn at what it does best, the Clou tries to put a bit of Grado or Sony into the Sennheiser sound...but I can get that particular sound even better by using the appropriate Grado or Sony. So, I'm probably going to keep the Cardas with the HD-600, as it strengthens the areas that I use the HD-600 for in the first place.

Just because there's a new cable in town does not make the Clou a bad cable in any way. It's still a significant upgrade over the standard cable, and still sounds as great as it ever did. This is going to be a great time for Sennheiser owners to get a great cable upgrade at reasonable prices, as many people who buy Cardas cables for their Senns will sell their Clou's...people looking for a very nice cable upgrade at reasonable cost should be looking for those Clou's to appear...
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That's a good way to sum it up.........hey, how does it feel to have
a matching smurf system with the Cardas/Blue Microzotl?

I would call it more "dynamic" since to me Clou has slightly more
extension at treble and bass with more perceived energy, similar to most silver cables when compared to a copper cable. When the term "punchy" is used I think of mid bass hump in sound spectrum to juice up sound for rock, and that is not what I am hearing.

But as previously stated through 75% of sound spectrum mid range the Cardas is more refined and with greater detail/nuance plus has greater 3D capability.
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I also have allowed for the 100+ hours of breakin on the new cardas cables for the senn 600s'. I will agree at this point that through the mid-range, and low treble the cardas has a smooth liquid presentation that draws one into the music and keeps you there. I found that with classical (Mozart, Itzhak Pearlman-James Levine, Vienna Philharmonic) stings as well as woodwinds had a beautifull tonality and presence that had me attached to my system cd after cd.
I have to agree with Jude however, that the cardas is not as extended at the extreme treble as the clou or in my opinion the stock cable that arrived with the headphones.
Overall though the cardas is my choice. When taken in total it provides the most satisfying listening experience of the cables I've been able to audition.
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I have similar observations, but different conclusions.

IMO, the Clous *may* (I think may is better than do) extend a bit more in the highs, but they are also harsher in the highs. The Cardas give the HD600 the best treble response I've heard -- better extension than the stock cables, but without the harshness the Clous can present.

In the bass, the Clous extend a bit further, but the Cardas really tighten up the bass response. The bass has better resolution and isn't as forward as with the stock or the Clous.
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off topic,

but nice to see other people who appreciate joy divison.

yay darkangel.

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Originally posted by Nick Dangerous
At last... a post that doesn't make me want to hang myself with my Clou Blue.

Now, if you do hang yourself, I call the clous!
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How about the 3D soundstage generated when combining the Cardas with Headroom crossfeed, I thought this was very impressive.

Yes, I just purchased Joy Division import remastered "heart + soul" box set. Disk 1&2 are amazing, disk 3 is pretty good, disk 4 is a waste with poorly recorded live material.
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cool darkangel, that boxed set is quite nice.

I just recently got the "fractured box" which is of two of the live gigs, Preston and Les Bains *******.

I really like it, because live it seems that they aren't quite so oppressively depressing.

Seriously, I listen to Joy Division too long, and it is no wonder Ian Curtis committed suicide.

I go and listen to Britney Spears to even things out

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To DarkAngel - could you do me a favour and try the new Cardas cable with your Corda and Silver Lace IC's and let me know what you think of that setup compared to the stock cable (and the Clou?) on the 600's.

Would appreciate it ... Thanks ... Gord.
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