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What does everyone think about planning a meet for mid September or October? I think we should plan for a venue large enough to accommodate everyone's gear and to have sufficient room to mingle. Probably at least ten 8ft tables as I am assuming more members will chime in. Of course the amount of space needed could shrink dramatically depending upon participation. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to host a meet.


texashorn91, you mentioned hosting a meet. How much space do you have available?


I checked a few hotels in my area (Mesa) and the going rate for a small banquet rooms is ~$200. This is much more space then we would need. I have a couple more places to call for a smaller area hopefully at a better price. If we cannot find someone willing to host I wouldn't mind contributing to a kitty to cover the cost of expenses.


The tentative attendees so far:





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Your cans list goes from bass mega to bass missing LOL. Your bijou looks great! I bet is sounds killer with the W5000 and 650.. I'm not the biggest fan of the D2K though... I've did my time with them :)

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I am not fond of the Bijou and 650 combination as the high frequency roll off is very noticeable to my ears. IMO the 650 pairs well with the Pico. My other cans and the RE0 pair nicely with the Bijou. The bass of the W5000 would be enjoyed more if my head was just a tad bit thicker (I'd rather not bend the bars to fit). LOL  Maybe one day JMoney will get back in touch with me about developing improved ear pads.


You have an impressive collection of gear! To date I have not had the pleasure of listening to any balanced rigs. I would certainly like an opportunity to listen to some of your gear once this meet comes to fruition.

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I could host a meet, but I probably would not have enough space for more than five or six people. I have an apartment in Tempe. If we get enough people I don't mind chipping in on the hotel banquet room. Another good place to check would be local libraries, sometimes they have large conference rooms that can be reserved. Let me know what I can do!

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count me in, depending on the day.  have some travel in mid-september and the first couple weeks of october, but would love to do a meet.  i'd be happy to chip in for a venue as well if we have a lot of people.  i live in tempe...

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I'm in if we pick a place and date in order to plan ahead for it. Would be happy to contribute if we need to rent a space for a day.


If anyone is in Tucson we can commute up...I'm willing to drive.


The tentative attendees so far:







Let's try and pick a few possible dates and see if we get any interest based on a real date? How does a Saturday say September 18th or 25th work for people? I prefer the 18th but can make either work. Anyone else? 


Then we can find a place based on real anticipated attendance...which I don't think will be too tough once we have some interest and momentum. Perhaps messaging back to some former thread folks would yield some more participants as well?


Yes M3NTAL you do have an amazing collection of goodies from which to choose from...hope you can make it, 


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To make things easier I have started the thread Arizona Meet - Saturday 9/25/10. Please direct your posts there.

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Sup Zonians!
I'm in Ahwatukee. I'd love to find someone who'd be interested in getting together, trade, Louann, and otherwise share in this hobby. Could mean fun and massive money saving all while getting to try new gear...
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I'm hoping something gets set up for sure. Gilbert here. Got a pair of HD800's and s HDVD800 to power the babies
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