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Thanks Bixby, that'll be a great help in my quest to find the right phones for me. I used to live in Colorado (Durango) and now live in Mesa Colorado is a great state...Enjoy...I'm thinking of moving back once I'm through with college.
Thx again.
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Better throw my name in the hat as I will soon be moving back to the desert this fall! For my poor rusting more NW Indiana snow for you!
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Im In tucson, Id like to attend.
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Bumped cause I made it here! Woohoo! It's so nice to have sun vs rain...
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I'm here in Tempe [ASU student] and I'm just starting to become a head-fi addict...wouldn't mind having a meet to see what I'm getting myself into.

Gah, first overclocking and now this...just one more type of electronics to spend my money on
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Originally Posted by MaGG
Gah, first overclocking and now this...just one more type of electronics to spend my money on
Ah, but oc has it's money grubbing benefits. For example, pick up an Intel P4 630 for less than $200 and do this to it.
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Haha, not bad...had my AMD64 3000+ Winchester from 1.8 -> 2.7 max. Daily runs were at 2.5 / 2.6. Not bad for a $150 chip, but I did hand select the stepping, so I kind of expected it
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*pushin' the topic over the edge*

Sure would be nice to have the "gaming" cpu, but I've been spoiled with the "smoothness" from hyper threading. Anybody feel free to send me an Athlon X2 and release me from my eviTEL confines.

So I don't get into too much trouble...

How bout a meet kids? I'd specifically be interested in hearin' my Senn 580's on a nice ppa/pimeta. I could bring the following:

X-Fi Xtrememusic
Ipod Nano

Altoid Cha-47 (JMT)

Ety ER-4P's (bro willing)
Beyer 770 pro's 250 ohm
Senn 580's
Senn PX200's
Pana RP-HJE50W's

Buddy of mine and I had a "micro meet" TM with some canalphones before I left Indy. Here's a pic to motivate a meet

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I'd definately be willing to meet [in fact, I'm typing this at ASU's computer commons], but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to contribute much to the meet as this addiction of mine has just started. My iAudio X5 is in the mail and on it's way, as well as a pair of HJE50's soon, but that's about it...

That's one of the reasons I would like to go to a meet, so I can see what exactly it is that I'm missing
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I hope this thread is still alive... I would love to have a meet somewhere in the greater Phoenix area.
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Lol, yearly update, eh?
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Haha... guess it's just us two, Jodiuh. =)

Maybe everyone else is still at their summer homes...
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Pfft...summer?! It was 82F out there at sunrise this weekend! First time in 2 months I was able to hit up the mountain and bike in comfort. High's around 98 all week! Good times folks, get back down here and let us have a meet!!
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Gonna get a bithead or Hornet by Christmas, think we're gonna have any luck for a meet between now and then? =)
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Yes! Surely someone else will chime in!! I think it's time I sent in my Beyers for some work done. I had a guy listen to them once and ever since, they've had a "rattle" with the low end. Stupid deaf bass addict kid...grrrrrrrrr.
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