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Breaking in Headphones

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While wandering the internet I came across this page that discusses breaking in headphones amoung other things. Is this procedure common or needed?


John B
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HI JOHN. Many of the members seem to think so and they are true headphone guys with lots of expierence. I got a set of phililps 890s and out of the box they sounded ok. I pluged them into my home srereo reciever that has a strong and clean jack out put for about 6-10 hours. When I tryed the can after that they were louder fuller and bigger sounding. I dont think it changed the highs,mids,or lows but it changed the overall performance of the headphones. Now my ears are old so maby the highs,mids,and lows did change but at my age I could not tell. I just am glad that I did give the cans some brakin.
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Burn in is definitely something that makes a difference, it's not just your ears getting used to the sound of the headphones. I've listened to the phones I have, Sennheiser 497 and 280, straight out of the box and after 30 hours of burn in (without listening during that time)and there was a noticeable difference in sound. Bass improves and the treble tends to mellow. I would assume it comes from stretching the flexible parts of the driver allowing it to make the larger movements needed for lower bass type notes. When the driver is new and still tight the movements are shortened and the notes are shifted up towards the treble frequencies.

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The only way to burn in your cans is to use the $150 Purist Audio Design CD.

Kidding aside, just use 'em.
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Personally, I think the info you found on the Meier Audio page is sensible and well-informed. I followed their advice, did a 24 break-in on some bass-heavy music on all my headphones, and then let them naturally 'age' with regular listening. Works for me, might work for you.

I've read some more 'extreme' and apparently 'expert' break-in methods here on this forum, but none of them are practical nor helpful. There was one fella who 'broke' his new headphones while breaking them in. Dum dum dum dum... (to the tune of Beethoven's 5th).

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